Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MANDIOCA FRITA ( Fried Mandioca )

This is a very popular finger food of Brazil like French fries. Mandioca is a root vegetable from which cassava flour and tapioca is made.

Salt for taste
Oil for frying

1. Wash and peel the mandioca and boil it preferably in a pressure cooker as it takes a longer time in a pan.
2. Remove from the water and let it cool.
3. Cut into pieces or long strips and sprinkle salt over them
4. Deep fry until crisp.

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  1. It's an amazing suprise see brazilian food in your blog ! I love mandioca frita , I made yesterday for lunch. You can do also "bolinho de mandioca" you just need grate the raw mandioca and season with salt , pepper , chives and fry ! :)

  2. This is very new to me...Looks so inviting..crispy.

  3. new veggie to me...wish I could come over to ur plc to have a plateful :P


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