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This is a traditional Sindhi sheera recipe made in all the Sindhi homes, specially on auspecious days as prashad. 

Wheat flour .. 1/4 cup
Sugar ........ 4-5 tbsps ( little less than 1/4 cup)
Cardamoms ... 2-3
Ghee ... 2 tbsps
Almonds or pistachios for garnishing.

1. Take oil or ghee in a pan and add the split cardamoms.
2. Tip in the flour and continue to stir with a spatula until you get a nice brown colour.
3. Add quarter cup water (same quantity as the flour) and stir continuosly to avoid lumps.
4. When it is thicker, add the sugar and stir. Keep stirring until you get the right consistency and the sugar is dissolved.
5. Garnish with slivered nuts.

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  1. What flour halwa is new to me...looks delicious shobha

  2. i made again today shobha this morning
    i like ur idea to roast the cardamom too in the ghee

    its heavy dish bt as u said truly its a must in all sindhi households

  3. Looks yummy ! My favorite in winters.

  4. we generally add cardamom at last, but that is first you add to the ghee... does that help in having the aroma and flavor better? and the halwa looks super delicious.. Thanks for sending this yummy recipe to my event.. Looking for more yummy recipes...

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  5. This is such a vital offering during a ceremonial or festive ritual. Kids too are fond of this Wheat flour Halwa. Tip regarding quantity of water and sugar to be used is quite helpful. It helps is making correct estimations. I too always like to add ghee.

    1. Yes dear, even my grand daughters love seero.

  6. Shobha, I've enjoyed wheat seero often at the Sikh temple or weddings but have not tried making it at home. It is such an easy to follow recipe, going to try it out soon.

    1. Thanks Mayuri. When me make it as an offering in Gurudwara it is called Kadau Prashad. Recipe is the same but we don't add any nuts as garnishing and no cardamom seeds for flavouring. It is just made with 3 ingredients, ata, sugar and ghee and water as needed.

  7. Seero is something new for me. It looks tasty and easy to prepare. Will make it sometime.

  8. Mmm! I first had it in a Gurdwara and loved Seero. I must make it tasty and easy to make with pantry ingredients.

    1. Archana, the Gurudwara one is called Kadau Prashad and we don't add nuts and cardamoms to that. Other recipe is the same with just 3 ingredients, ata, ghee and sugar.

  9. Seero looks so deliciously yummy . Roasting cardamom in ghee is a new thing I learnt from your post . I normally add cardamom powder in the end .

    1. Thanks Priya. Roasting them brings out the flavours. The ghee is infused with the cardamom flavour.


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