Cooking tips:
1. How to peel a tomato without boiling:
(a) Freeze it. The skin comes off easily.
(b) Stick a fork in it, and heat it on direct flame.. until the skin starts peeling off.

2. Get rid of odours in your refrigerator by placing soda bicarbonate in a bowl & putting it in the fridge. Vinegar also works.

3. To avoid the hassle of handling frozen homemade ginger-garlic paste, make the GG Paste nd then, saute it in heated oil for 2 minutes or so, until the oil disappears. This done, store it in the refrigerator for as long as u like, it won't smell, it won't go bad.

4. Coriander leaves can be kept fresh for a longer time by wrapping them in paper and then refrigerating.

5. Keep fresh green chillies fresh for a longer time by removing their stems and then storing them in the fridge.

6. Save valuable energy by boiling potatoes along with dals (lentils) esp while making dosas when you will need the lentils for the sambar and the potatoes for the dosa filling.

7. Added too much salt in your food??? Worry not!
(a) Malai or milk cream works like magic.
(b) add a sliced potato to pick up the extra salt.
(c) add wheat flour balls to balance the salt. Discard after the taste is balanced.

8. Burnt your onions for the Indian gravy? Again, milk cream/malai is the answer, hands down.

9. Keep lentils bug-free by heating them before storing in air free containers. Same for semolina too.

10. Soak the garlic pods in water for a while to make the peeling easier.

11. Add a little salt while boiling the eggs to avoid cracking.

12. While boiling the greens add a pinch of baking soda to retain the green colour.

13. Added excess salt to the curry ? don't panic. Just knead a little besan and make small rolls and add to the gravy. Remove them before serving. These can be re-used to make gatte ki sabji.

14. Adding a little turmeric powder to the boiling potatoes quickens the procedure.
15. Mushrooms can be stored (in the refrigerator) for a longer time if you keep them in paper bags.

16. To keep the rice and lentils bug-free, put some whole dry red chillies in the containers.

(Source - Wining & Dining the Indian way)

Did you know the amazing benefits of the humble banana peel?!!!

Once you've finished eating the banana don't throw the peel away; put it to good use.

Banana peel is loaded with potassium and can be used to reduce wrinkles around the eyes. Rubbing a fresh banana peel, yellow side out, under and around the eyes can reduce worry lines and bags.

A banana peel can also reduce the itching and swelling from an insect bite. Again just rub the peel on the bite or for extended relief tape some peel to the bite.

Banana peels are great for gardening ..if dried and added to the soil especially for Rose plants it makes them shine. Rose bushes thrive on potassium so try scattering a few peels around the base of these bushes.

You can even use the banana peel to shine your shoes :)

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