Friday, May 3, 2013


This is another popular dip from Middle East like hummus, made with eggplant also served with pita bread.

Brinjal/eggplant - 1 big
Garlic paste ........ 1 tbsp
Tahine ................ 1 tbsp
Parsley .............. 1/4 cup ( chopped)
Mint ................. a few leaves
Green chilli ........... 1 (chopped) My addition to make it a bit spicy.
Salt........ to taste
Lemon juice ......... 2-3 tbsps.
Olive oil


1.Pierce the brinjal/eggplant with a fork or knife and roast it on gas flame until the skin turns out black.

2. Peel the skin and seperate the pulp.

3. In a food processor grind all the ingredients.
4. Remove in a bowl and drizzle a little more olive oil. Serve chilled with pita bread.

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  1. Wow looks delicious, new to me :)

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  3. Wow! I loved this. I ate it with fresh veggies. Yum! I didn't know the recipe, Thanks for sharing!

  4. Yummy baba ganoush,wish to have with some pita bread chips.

  5. Looks delicious and yummy,love to have it with pita bread...

  6. I havent tasted this... you make it look so simple!! superb..
    Krithi's Kitchen

    1. You must make it once .. you will love it

  7. hi shobha, hmmm yummy, really like this kind of food. bookmarked with thanks..simply love the eggplant and tahini..

  8. I love this amazing dip and the lovely roasted flavour.

    1. Yes, the roasting gives it the authentic flavour

  9. Yes Punam, it is a concentrated paste of roasted sesame seeds ground with oil. .. used in most of the Lebanese dishes.


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