Monday, June 27, 2016


I tried out sheera with oatmeal and it turned out super delicious. 

Oatmeal .. 1/4 cup (made by grinding the oats in a mixie)
Sugar ........ 4 tbsps 
(Cardamoms ... 2-3
Oil / ghee ... 3-4 tbsps
Pistachios for garnishing.

1. Take oil or ghee in a pan and add the split cardamoms.
2. Tip in the oatmeal  and continue to stir with a spatula until you get a nice brown colour.
3. Add quarter cup water (same quantity as the oatmeal) and stir continuously to avoid lumps. If you want a softer consistency add little more water.
4. When it is thicker, add the sugar and stir. Keep stirring until you get the right consistency and the sugar is dissolved.
5. Garnish with slivered nuts.


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