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Chakli is an irresistible snack which you can never stop munching. Ideal for party knick-knacks too. I made mini chaklis for my party and they were super hit. I am sure kids would love these mini chaklis for snacking in their lunch box.

Flour / maida --- 1 & 1/2 cups
Rice flour ...... 1/4 cup
Besan / gram flour .. 1/2 cup
Sesame seeds ... 3 tbsps
Crushed cumin seeds .. 1 tbsp (or use 1 tsp ajwain )
Salt ... to taste
Red chilli powder .. 1/2 tsp or more if you like.
Ghee or butter ... 1 tbsp
Oil ... for frying

                                                            Chakli Mould

1. Mix the 3 flours, salt, cumin seeds and red chilli powder.
2. Tie them in a muslin cloth ( before kneading) and steam in a double boiler for 5 minutes.
3. Remove from the cloth into a large bowl. Crumble with your hands well until it resembles bread crumbs.
4. Now mix the melted butter or ghee and  knead adding water carefully to a soft and pliable dough. ( it takes about one and quarter cups of water )
5. Pour oil for frying into a broad frying pan.
6. Grease the chakli mould and put a lump of flour into it.
7. Spread a plastic / foil sheet and make chaklis on them until the oil is heated.
8. Drop the chaklis one by one into the frying pan. Keep the heat high first and then reduce it.
9. Fry them to a nice golden brown colour until they are crisp.
10. Drain them on a kitchen paper. Store them in a dry container once they are cooled.

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  1. So nice and cute chaklis... Perfect for tea-time snack.

  2. hey dear shobha. chaklis look so crunchy and yum.. i dot have that chakli mould can i use piping bag with that almost same shape ?

    1. Monu Teena, I don't think that will work because the consistency of the dough is not soft enough to pipe it out.

  3. looks so tasty / Crispy.. Dangerously addictive

    1. True Veena .. can't stop eating once you start

  4. perfect munching snack. love the bite size portions.

  5. Yum! I love crunchy snacks like this.

  6. Wish i get a box of these chaklis..


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