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Murukku is a very popular tea-time snack. It is made with Urad dal and rice flour in South India. In Maharashtra and Gujarat also they make these with a slight variation in the recipe mix. Specially on Festive days these are served along with the sweets.

Rice Flour.....1 Glass (Glass you use for drinking water)
Powdered Putani......1/4th Glass
Red Chilli Powder.....2 tbsp
Asafoetida......1/2 tsp
Salt to taste
Sesame Seeds.....2 tbsp
Ajwain....1 tsp (Crush them a little)
Dalda Ghee....3 tbsp

1. Mix the above ingredients with the help of water into a soft dough.

2. Now, take some of the dough, mix it well so that it becomes softer. Put this dough into the murukku-maker and make murukkus as shown in the pic.

NOTE: If the murukkus are breaking, that means you have not mixed the dough soft enough. Try to make it very very soft by adding a little water.
3. Now, deep fry the murukkus till golden brown. Remove, allow them to cool and store in a container.

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  1. They look absloutley delicious.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Divya.. I love them too.. perfect tea time snack

  3. In gujju we call it CHAKRI with cup of tea..loooks mouthwatering

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  4. Looks so interesting. I have never seen this before. Must be delicious X

    1. Yes Alida.. they are nice and crunchy. It is a popular snack in India

  5. Excellent recipe ....loved it . Do visit my space also if you are a vege lover

    1. Thanks dear.. Will surely visit your blog :)


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