Thursday, September 19, 2013

MOUSSE DE MARACUJA ( Eggless Passion Fruit Mousse)

This is a very easy dessert made with passion fruit. As the fruit is quite sour the mousse sets very well without the addition of egg white.

Maracuja pulp or concentrate - 1 can
Condensed milk ..... 1 can
Cream ........ 1 can
( all three have to be equal quantity)

For Garnishing:
Passion fruit ... 1 (to use the seeds for garnishing)
Sugar ... 4-5 tsps.

1. Take all the three ingredients in the list 1 and blend in a mixer.
2. Pour them in a serving dish / bowl and refrigerate.
3. Cut the maracuja fruit and scoop out  the seeds.
4. In a pan add sugar and the seeds and cook on low flame stirring it until the sugar is melted.
5. Let it cool.
6. Pour it on the maracuja mousse before serving it.

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