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Raj kachori is a Shahi Snack from Rajasthan. A crispy puffed puri is made and filled with various stuffings like potato, chana, moong , papdi, sweet chutney mint chutney, onion, curd and topped with fine sev. What could be a better choice than this for our first potluck party..The concept of potluck party where we bring various dishes, serve little of each into our plates and relish them together is similar isn't it..

For the kachori:
Maida / flour .... 1/4 cup
Fine semolina .. 1/4 cup
Salt ........... to taste
Oil / ghee .. 2-3 tbsps.

1.Mix the flour,semolina, salt and ghee well. Knead into a soft dough adding a little water as needed and set aside.
2. Make 2 small puris. Spread oil one a puri, sprinkle little flour and place the other puri on top of it. Now together you roll them into a bigger puri.( the size that you prefer)
3. Deep fry on low flame to get a crispy texture.

For the filling:
Potato .... 1 boiled and cut into pieces
Chana .... soaked overnight and boiled with salt
Moong ..... Soaked overnight and boiled with salt.
Papdi ...... fried out of the same dough (small pieces)
Onion..... finely chopped
Sweet chutney .... See recipe  HERE
Mint chutney ...... See recipe  HERE
Yogurt ............ whipped
Chat masala / bhuna jeera crushed
Salt .......... to taste
Red chilli powder
Sev ......... since I don't get sev here I have replaced it with fried crushed papad

To assemble the Kachori:

Make a hole on the top. Fill all the ingredients one by one into it.
Pour the whipped yogurt and chutneys on top. Sprinkle chat masala or bhuna jeera, chilli powder according to your liking. Finally top it with fine sev.

  Serve immediately.

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  1. Lovely snack... Your Raj Kachori looks simply delicious and tempting Shobha :-)

  2. wah shobha this is also a favourite here in mumbai
    in all vada pav outlets u find this rsj kachori

    too yummy

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  3. looks great snack...i never tried this, like to have now:)

  4. Please guide me,how to come to ur place, seriously cant sit here, makes me droolllll

    1. Come right away following the aroma of the kachori

  5. i never thought it can be home made . Thanks for sharing.

  6. Absolutely yummy raj kachori, who can resist by seeing those stunning clicks...

  7. delicious snack..awesome click...love it anytime..

  8. It's going to be HIT in our party..droolworthy snack..thnx for linking :)

  9. love to eat chatpata any time have to make this one.

  10. Love this snack any time..mouth watering and temting.

  11. Wow awesome kachori with nice filling.

  12. Hearty and yummm. good job with pictures too.

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    Thanks for you co-operation. :)

  13. I am addicted to chat.. I want this now

  14. Wah ji wah....I love these kachoris. We call them Khasta kachori.

    1. Thanks Mina.. those are different .. this one is called Raj Kachori

  15. delicious and tempting....
    Thanks for linking with my event “Foodabulous Fest –April Month Series”

  16. I love Raj kachoris :) Just Wow!!! Lovely Clicks and Space U got!! Im ur new follower and New Blogger Too Do visit my space
    Happy Blogging

    1. Welcome to my space Aara.. and thanks for the appreciative words

  17. wow.. love kachoris.. Loved your clicks and writing.. thnx for linking it up.. yummy chat

  18. i just finished making them Shobha, thank you for the lovely recipe.

    the only thing was they were not as puffed up as yours.. :(

  19. I am learning so much about foods I have never heard of before from your blog :)

  20. Oh, that looks fantastic, it has puffed up so beautifully!


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