Saturday, August 24, 2013


These kachoris brought back childhood memories. Mom would make all these yummy snacks to carry for the train journey and how we relished them.


For the dough:
Maida ..... 1 cup
Oil ......... 2-3 tbsps
Salt ....... to taste
Knead into a soft dough adding water. Set aside.

For the filling:
Potatoes .... 2
Turmeric powder .. 1/4 tsp
Garam Masala ...... 1/4 tsp
Crushed cumin seeds .. 1/4 tsp
Red chilli powder ....... 1/2 tsp
Amchoor powder .... 1/4 tsp
Coriander leaves ....... handful
Salt .... to taste
Oil ..... for frying.

1.Boil the potatoes, peel them and cut into small pieces.
2. In a pan heat a little oil and add the potatoes and spice powders.
3. Add salt and coriander leaves and mix well mashing with the spoon.
4. Let it cool.
5. Now roll out a small quantity of dough and stuff it with the aloo filling.
6. Seal the edges into a bundle and roll it lightly.
7. Deep fry the kachories until crisp.
Serve hot with sweet tamarind chutney.

See Sweet Tamarind Chutney Recipe - HERE

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  1. looks very marked this!!!!!!

  2. We are enjoying Meena's recipes now. Yummy and mouthwatering kachoris.

    today's post:

  3. oops forgot to comment i thought i did

    hey shobha glad u liked these kachori

    thanks for linking

  4. aloo kachori look very tempting. Todays post :

  5. Sounds yummy. never heard of aloo kachori. i have had with moongdal :)

  6. Looking yummy and delicious! Tempting clicks too:)

  7. Looks great! I love how simple and easy your recipes are :)


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