Sunday, September 1, 2013

VARO (Sindhi Pista Badam Chikki - Diwali Special)

Varo is a very rich and healthy sweet and is eaten a lot in winters. It is chikki made with sliced almonds and pistachios and is flavoured with powdered cardamoms and saffron. It is customary among Sindhis to send this to married daughters along with the other goodies during Diwali.V aro is specially made also for pregnant women as it is loaded with dry fruits.

Almonds (unsalted) .... 1/2 cup (chopped)
Pistachios (unsalted).... 1/2 cup chopped
Sugar .......................... 1 cup
Green cardamoms ...... 6-7 ( Crushed - use only seeds)
Saffron ...................... a pinch
Wheat flour ................ 1 tsp.
Poppy seeds ............... 1 tsp.
Ghee .......................... 2 tsps.


1.Heat 1 tsp. ghee in a small pan and fry the wheat flour on a low flame for half a minute.(till the aroma comes) Set aside.

2.In a thick bottomed pan put the sugar and keep stirring on low flame until it melts, avoiding lump formation.(do not make it dark brown

3.At this stage add the poppy seeds, crushed cardamom seed and saffron


4. Also add the prepared wheat flour,half a tsp. ghee and the nuts and mix very fast.Turn off the gas and keep mixing till it becomes lumpy.(to a rolling consistency)

5. Spread it on a greased surface and roll it with a greased rolling pin.(you have to do the rolling very fast.

6.Cool it and cut into pieces.(to break evenly, mark with the knife lightly after rolling and break after it is cooled)


  1. Varo looks absolutely fabulous..Diwali wishes to u and ur family..

  2. Thanks Priya.
    Best wishes to you too.

  3. Hi, thanks for the recipe. But what is the wheat flour for?

  4. @ Anonymous, by adding wheat flour the varo /chikki becomes crunchy and breaks easily unlike the other chikkis which are hard to chew... even the taste differs.

  5. Varo looks delicious. Adding wheat flour sounds good.

  6. Hey the chikki looks great but u hvent metioned wen to add the friend wheat flour ??

    Pls do tell ;)


  7. Thanks anonymous.. u r right.
    Check the recipe now.

  8. Hi Shoba,

    The sweet looks awesome..:)


  9. Thanks Dr.Sameena :)
    I Would love to see your recipes too.... will definitely visit your blog.

  10. Belated Diwali wishes dear..
    I love peanut chikki..the almond-pista version definitely takes it to the next level!

    US Masala

  11. Thanks aipi :)
    Rightly as you said this varo is very rich and specially with the added elaichi and kesar flavours, it surpasses the other chikkis.

  12. It sounds like Lovely sweets. I wish my mother will send them to me when I be married.

  13. Thanks Princess :)
    All the mothers love their daughters too much..I'm sure your mother will send you all the goodies of your choice when you get married.

  14. Wow - this looks amazing! I have never tried this before.

  15. Thanks Zesty :)
    I visited your blog too..there are lots of new dishes that I would like to try out.

  16. wow awesome recipe dear Shobha....thanks for linking this recipe to both of my events....hope to see lot more :)

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  17. Delicious varo dear. Did not know why the wheat flour is used. Thanks for both the info and linking it to the event.
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  18. It's interesting to know that this is a special dessert prepared during special occasion. Happy Diwali to you and family,Shobha.

  19. Looks delicious shobhaji...Happy diwali to u n ua family :)

  20. Varo looks soooo delicious.. Thanks for sending this yummy recipe to my event.. Looking for more yummy recipes...

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  21. Yummy, Tasty and Delicious chikki :)