Wednesday, October 3, 2012

GURDHANI (Also Known As Chikki)

Gurdhani, also known as made in all the Sindhi homes during Diwali. We distribute it to friends and relatives along with other sweets.

Sugar : 1 cup
Oil: 1 tsp
Roasted Gram Dal (Putani/Bhugra, the same dal used in chutneys in S.India): 2 cups


1. Heat a pan and add the sugar. Also add 1/2 tsp oil and keep stirring first on high flame, then when it starts to melt, on low flame, until all sugar melts and the lumps disappear. Take care not to over-brown or burn the caramel.

2. As soon as the lumps melt, add the dal and stir quickly until the caramel & dal are well-mixed.

3. Immediately transfer onto clean kitchen platform and beat with the palms to spread the lump.

4. Then use rolling pin to roll out the lump into a large thin (1 cm thickness) circle, at the same time, shaping the chikki into a neat circle by pushing towards inside at the edges. This process has to be done quickly, or the caramel will harden & the lump will not roll out anymore.

This stage requires practise & you can do that by making small quantities.

Once the chikki is rolled out, run a knife through the chikki as you wish, as squares or quarters. Then break it carefully at the knife marks.

Using Puffed Rice:

Sugar: 1 cup
Puffed Rice: 3 cups
Oil: 2 tsp

1. Again, like we made as above, heat a pan, add sugar & mix until it melts into caramel like shown below. Do not burn it anymore than this.

2. Then add the puffed rice and mix briskly & quickly then shift it onto the kitchen platform.
3. Using a flat bowl as shown in the pic below, spread the lump as thin as u can quickly, and then resume rolling it out with a rolling pin, until it becomes a circle of 1.5 cm thickness.

4. Make marks with a knife and break the circle at the knife cuts.

Store in a polythene bag.

Note: You can make a chikki from other things such as cashew nuts, dried coconut, pistachios, groundnuts, sesame seeds etc.

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  1. Hi Shobha .came here after a long time.... this chikki is our favorite and we make it with peanuts and almonds too . With jaggery instead of sugar we like it more .

    1. Even I like sweets made with jaggery better than sugar.Thanks for dropping in.

  2. First time to ur space. Long back when I heard of chikkis thought they were too difficult but later knew they can be made in a jiffy. Glad to follow you.

  3. wow...thats perfect .....though I'm not very fond of sweets but I love to eat chikkis....i remember my mon making them with jaggery

  4. Hi Shoba.1st time here .seems like a lovely blog with so many recipies..I think I can just hop in here when I am bored and cook some wonderful recipies.This one ,I am scared to try because I feel the caramel consistency needs to be perfect..:))

    1. That's really a sweet compliment.. you made my day.

  5. Hello Shobhaji,

    Your blog is such a boon to newly married women esp Sindhi. I was looking for Gurdani recipes for Diwali and chance upon your blog. Pl tell me can chikkis be made using jaggery also.Could you also post the recipe for dry fruit chikki, til chikki and peanut chikki. Thanks very much.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment.. yes chikki can be made with jaggery too.
      I am sorry I will not be able to post the recipes that you requested as I am travelling...but I will definitely post them sometime.
      Happy Diwali !

  6. came across your lovely blogShobha, while googling for chikki and found some Sindhi recipes unknown to me.I had stayed in Mumbai for a so many years with Sindhi neighbours and so Iam interested in Sindhi food thugh I belong to Kerala and now in Canada. Leila

    1. So happy to hear that leila.. Welcome to my space.

  7. These treats are lovely thankyou for linking them up to the event.

  8. wow...must say all mouth watering recipes...i will surely try them


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