Tuesday, July 30, 2013


This is a crunchy munchy snack not very sweet and is mostly made during festive season. Kids just love to munch these. I have made into round shape, a variation from the usual square or diamond shapes. You can also cut with any fancy cookie cutters for kids parties.

Flour .... 1 cup
Semolina .. 1 tbsp (optional)
Sugar ...... 3 tbsps  ( as per your liking you may increase or decrease the quantity)
Salt ....  a pinch
Ghee .... 2-3 tbsps
Water or milk .. to knead.
Oil .. for frying.

1. Mix the flour, semolina, sugar and salt together.
2. Make a well in the middle and add the melted ghee.
3. Mix it well and you know the quantity of ghee is right when the flour forms into a muthiya.
4. Knead it with milk or water adding little by little to make a medium soft dough. Cover the dough and rest it for half an hour to one hour.
5. Heat oil in a pan and roll out the dough.
6. Cut with a knife into square or diamond shape which is usually done or cut using a cookie cutter or a small round lid.
7. Deep fry on medium flame until they are crispy and golden brown.

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  1. Tempting,not only kids spl everyone's favourite

  2. hehee me to posted baked dish u did the fried one

    i remember the shakaparas and with round circles they look even cute

  3. Very very tempting, can finish the whole bowl...

  4. loved by all age groups.. they look delicious!

  5. My favourite snacks while I stayed in Mumbai. Delicious in every munching.

    today's post:

  6. Very tempting.........yummy!!!!!!!!!

  7. good one. thanks for sharing method to make it. i will try.

  8. Lovely Snacks.. Remembering my childhood days.. Thanks for linking with us..


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