Wednesday, January 8, 2020


These cake pops make a perfect snack for kids parties. You can make use of the left over cake or the trimmings left after icing your cakes to make these. It would be fun if you ask your kids prepare the pops during their vacation. You can see in the video how much my little twin grand daughters enjoyed doing it.
Ingredients: Sponge cake --- 250 gms (chocolate flavoured) Sponge cake .... 250 gms (strawberry flavoured) (you can also use plain vanilla flavoured cakes or the cuttings left over after icing any cake)) Butter cream frosting --- 1 cup in each cake or as needed Candy melts .................... As required (you can use melted chocolate also instead) Candy sticks .... As needed

1. Crumble the cakes.
2. Add 1 cup butter cream frosting in each one.
3. Adjust the consistency and add little more if needed.
4. Make small balls from the cake mix.
5. Melt little quantity of candy melts in the microwave.
6. Dip the sticks in it and insert into the cake pops.
7. Refrigerate these until they are firm.
8. Melt more candy melts for coating the pops.
9. Let it cool. Take each cake pop and coat it well.
10. Set them upright on a stand.
11. Refrigerate them until the coating is firm and crunchy.

Check out the video of the step by step procedure:
By Ava Keshwani & Ella Keshwani


  1. So much fun for Ava and Ella, cooking with granny. A fun and valuable way to spend some time with grandchildren. Pops look so colorful and tempting.

    1. Yes Mayuri .. we had so much fun doing that.. Looking forward to it again this year.


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