Monday, July 30, 2012

NAANS - (Garlic, Pudina & Plain)

Naan is the most popular Indian flat bread that people order when they go to the restaurants. Here is a very easy recipe made at home without using a tandoor. You can make assorted naans, with garlic flavour, mint, coriander etc 

White flour ....... 2-3 cups
Ghee or Butter...1 tbsp.
Sugar ................. 1 tsp.
Salt .....................1 tsp.
Yeast ................. 1 cube (or) Dry yeast 1tbsp.
(If you are using dry yeast take about half cup luke warm water, sprinkle sugar and yeast on top of it and leave it in a warm place for 5 minutes.When it becomes frothy , mix it with the flour.If the water is too hot it will not rise, so make sure the water is luke warm.)


1. Make a well in the flour, sprinkle sugar and yeast on top of this. Add salt and ghee on the side and knead the flour with luke warm water.

2. Leave the dough for about an hour to rise.

3. Now roll out the naans using oil .(do not use flour to roll)
4. Apply water on one side and put the watered side on a hot griddle.
5. Roast the naans using a little ghee .
Garlic naans:
Roll out the naan and apply crushed garlic.
Pudina naans:
Roll out the naan and spread finely chopped mint leaves.


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