Sunday, October 5, 2014


There are many recipes for making pumpkin soup. This is a very simple recipe without the addition of cream and spices. You can go ahead and add cream or milk to make it richer, but I prefer it with vegetable stock instead.

Pumpkin ... 200 gms
Onion ...... 1 small
Garlic ..... 2 -3 pods (crushed)
Basil ..... few leaves ( if you don't have fresh basil you can add 1 tsp of any dry herbs)
Salt ..... to taste
Olive oil ... 1 tbsp
Vegetable stock or water
Lemon juice .
Crushed chilli flakes for garnishing.

1. Peel and cut the pumpkin into cubes. ( you can use the pureed pumpkin from the can too)
2. In a pressure cooker, add the oil and saute the garlic and onion to a golden colour.
3. Now tip in the pumpkin pieces and the herbs.
4. Add sufficient water or vegetable stock and cook until done.
5. Blend it with a hand grinder or a mixer. Add the salt and pepper. (and any other seasoning if you like)
6. You can serve with a squeeze of lemon juice and add croutons too if you like.
Sprinkle crushed chilli flakes and serve.


  1. Nice and comfort ! Thanks for sending dear!

  2. Pumpkin soup looks so healthy and yummy.

  3. Very comforting soup... Today's post :

  4. Super comfort soup..easy and quick to it.

  5. Love pumpkin:) Never had soup:) Will try this recipe. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. appetizing and healthy soup...

  7. lovely color, healthy,comforting and delicious...will warm up in the chilliest of the days :-)

  8. simple and healthy soup..Did you the red pumpkin?

  9. Thanks mam to link this healthy soup to my event...
    i have also one event ongoing please you can also link your recipes at there...

    Ongoing Event:Cooking With Love - Sister

    looking forward to more recipes ...

  10. My kind of soup,filling and comforting.

  11. The soup looks very inviting.Never tried anything with pumpkin.

  12. dh loves soups n this luks really yummy n hot.


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