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Yakhni actually means stock of any meat, and the pulao cooked with this stock is called yakhni pulao. Today I am making chicken yakhni pulao.

For Yakhni:
Chicken ... 250 gms ( I have used boneless..you can use with bones too)
Black cardamom.. 1
Cinnamon stick .. 1 piece
Bay leaf ............ 1
Star anise .......... 1
Salt .................. to taste
Turmeric.......... a pinch
Water ............ 4 cups

Pressure cook it for 3-4 whistles (you may just boil in a pan too). Strain the stock and seperate the chicken pieces. You can discard the whole spices.
For Pulao:
Basmati rice ... 2 cups
Onions .......... 2 (sliced)
Green cardamoms ... 3-4
Cloves ................... 3-4
Yogurt ................ 1/2 cup
Biriyani masala ... 1 tbsp (my addition .. you can skip it and increase the garam masala)
Garam masala .... 1/2 tsp
Red chilli powder ... 1/2 tsp
Garlic............... 1 tbsp
Coriander/mint leaves .. handful
Salt ................. to taste
Almonds & Cashewnuts ... a few, sliced and fried lightly (for garnishing).
1. Deep fry the sliced onions to a golden brown colour.

2. In a pan heat a little oil/ghee and add the green cardamoms and cloves. Now tip in the garlic paste and the deep fried onions ( set aside a little for garnishing)

3. Put the chiken pieces. Mix the biriyani masala, garam masala and red chilli powder with the yogurt. Stir it into the pan.
4. Now add the washed rice and salt. ( be careful in adding the salt as you are going to use the stock, which already has salt)

5. For 2 cups rice, use 4 cups of stock. (while making the stock, keep in mind how much rice you are cooking and add the water accordingly)
6. Add handful of coriander or a few mint leaves. Let the rice cook on high flame until half done.

7. Now reduce the flame and cover the pot with foil paper and place the lid on top to keep it for dum.
8. Garnish with fried onions and sliced almonds.
Can be served with a simple raita.

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  1. a diff pulao with chicken.. very delicious..

  2. Might try it today for my son! Very nice pics to describe the steps. Yummy for sure :)

  3. hi shobha this looks good, too bad i m a vegetarian hehe

    i had heard of yakhni pulao many times, is there a way we can make it vegetarian way.

    color looks really great

    1. Thanks for liking meena.. don't know how you can do a veg version because yakhni actually means the stock we get from the meats

  4. Yummy pulao...I never knew about this name...Thanks for the small description there..

  5. Super delicious and yummy Yakhni pulav..

  6. Delicious n flavorful pulao, thanks for lining it to EP series..

  7. Dear Shobhaji, this dish have won an award from EP Series. Pls check for the round up posted and collect the award. congrats !!!!!!

    1. Thanks a lot Prathibha.. will check it out

  8. Looks so yum! Happy to follow you! You have a lovely blog!

  9. mouthwatering pulao,looks yummmmy!!!

  10. Never thought of adding stock to rice dishes....bet this tastes awesome! Will try it sometime.

    1. It really tastes awesome Manju.. do try it .. Thanks :)

  11. Such a delicious and flavourful pulao ! Recently tasted this and loved it too...


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