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This is a traditional roti from the state of Karnataka. Akki means rice. So rice flour is the key ingredients of this roti with a little addition of semolina. I have added a spoonful of ata too. The vegetables can be of your choice or the ones available in the kitchen. Traditionally desi ghee (clarified butter) is used to make them. This delicious roti can be served with any side dish or setved with pickle. It tastes awesome by itself too.
Recipe source - Foodelicious

Rice flour ... 1 cup
Semolina ... 1/4 cup
Flour ........ 2 tbsps
Onion ..... 2 tbsps  ( finely chopped)
Green chillies ... 1-2 ( finely chopped)
Carrot ...... 2-3 tbsps  9grated)
Green beans ... 2 tbsps ( finely chopped)
Coriander leaves ... handful ( finely chopped)
Yogurt ............ 2-3 tbsps
Cumin seeds .... 1 tsp
Salt ............. to taste
Red chilli flakes .. 1/4 tsp (optional )
Hot water .. for kneading
Oil / ghee


1.Mix the flours and all the finely chopped vegetables. Add salt and cumin seeds.

2. Knead this into a soft dough using curd and hot water and set it aside.

3. Take a chunk of the dough into your palm and pat it to flatten.

4. Place the griddle on the gas and maintaining the flame to low, place the patted dough on it.Dip your hands in water and further flatten the roti on the griddle to make it thinner.

5.  Make a small hole in the middle. ( if the griddle is too hot the roti will not flatten easily)

6. Now spoon a little ghee or oil and roast the rotis turning the sides.

Serve hot with a dollop of butter and pickle.


  1. Such a delicious and healthy preparation Shobha ji, love it.

  2. I can see your glimpse in the pic. Try to make them a little more thinner next time. Thanks for trying my recipe and linking it to the event.

    1. Oh yes, I never noticed. Will make them thinner next time
      Thanks Pari

  3. Delicious vegetable akki roti love to try it.

  4. I have never made this , it would make a nice change from everyday flat breads.

  5. Very interesting all in one roti. I see that you make it like the bajra roti by patting it betwen your hands. I will try this soon.

  6. new recipe for me...will have to try it Shobhaji..

  7. delicious and healthy, our usual brekkie while I spent some years in Dharwad..( Karnataka)


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