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I am really enjoying making different breads every month in the baking group "We Knead to Bake ". Usually each time Aparna chooses an exotic bread and we all make the same one. This month as she was busy she asked us to make any fancy bread with some savoury stuffing.  I chose this flower bread and gave my own twist. I have used the samosa masala and mint chutney fillings for a variation. The bread really looks decorative after it is baked. Still it needs a lot of improvement as this is my first attempt and I shall definitely try it out once again to make it more neater finish.

For the Dough:
Maida / white flour / APF........... 2 cups
Fresh yeast ... 1 cube (if using dry yeast-1 tablespoon)
Salt ............ 1 tsp.
Sugar ......... 2 tsp.
Ghee/butter .......... 1 tsp.
Luke warm water for kneading.( you may use milk + water )

1. Take the flour, make a well in the middle. Put only the sugar and crumble the yeast on top of the sugar.
2. Sprinkle the salt on the side (there should be no contact between the yeast and the salt)
3. Knead the dough using the luke warm water.Add the ghee and knead it well for 2-3 minutes.
4. Cover it and leave it in a warm place till it is risen to double.
(about 15-20 mins. in summer....in winter it takes a little longer)

For the Potato Masala:

Potatoes .... 2 small
Turmeric powder .. 1/4 tsp
Garam Masala ...... 1/4 tsp
Crushed cumin seeds .. 1/4 tsp
Red chilli powder ....... 1/2 tsp
Amchoor powder .... 1/4 tsp
Raisins .... handful
Coriander leaves ....... handful
Salt .... to taste
Oil ..... for frying.

1.Boil the potatoes, peel them and cut into small pieces.
2. In a pan heat a little oil and add the potatoes and spice powders.
3. Add salt, raisins and coriander leaves and mix well mashing with the spoon.
4. Let it cool.

For Mint Chutney:

Mint leaves ........... 2 cups
Coriander leaves ... 1 cup
Green chillies .......... 3-4
Onion ....................... 1 chopped
Roasted chana/dalia ... 1 tbsp (optional)
Garlic ............... 8-10 cloves
Ginger ............ small piece
Vinegar or lime juice .. 1 tbsp.
Salt to taste
Sugar .................... 1 tsp.(optional)

1. Grind all the above ingredients, adding a little water if required.
2. In a sauce pan cook the chutney to dry the water until it is thick in consistency. Let it cool.

For Garnishing 

Black and white sesame seeds - 1 tbsp each
Red chilli garlic chutney  .... 2 tbsps  ( See recipe - Here )

Now to Make the Bread Flower:

1. Take the risen dough and knead it well.
2. Divide it into 2 equal parts.
3. Roll them into round shape.
4. Place one in a greased baking tray.
5. Spoon the potato filling in the middle and the chutney on the round edge leaving a little gap from the outer edge as shown in the picture.
6. Now place the other part over the fillings carefully to fit in well with the bottom one. Seal the edges pressing with your fingers.
7. Now place an inverted bowl in the middle part that is stuffed with potato filling.
8. Using a pizza cutter or a knife mark the portions for petals at equal distance. ( first divite into 4 then divide the 4 parts equally again )
9. Give the cuts on the marked parts carefully.
10. Very carefully twist the leaves so that the open part is on top. The chutney should be visible.
11. Neatly arrange all the leaves separating them from each other. Remove the bowl.
12. Spread the red chilli garlic chutney on the middle part. Sprinkle the black and white sesame seeds. Press them lightly.
13. Now bake in a pre-heated oven at 250 degrees C until it is done.
It takes about 22-25 minutes but again the time may vary according to the type and the size of the oven used.

Bread idea adapted from ... Here 

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  1. Wow it looks so beautiful..very tempting

  2. this is really beautiful in appearance...
    sure it is delicious too

    1. Yes, it looks so pretty na.. and tastes equally good

  3. o my Gosh thanks for linking it to me dear.. plus one thing more i want to say , you are so creative dear.. this catchy bread is turned fab, fantastic job

  4. the flower looks so pretty.. Love this stuffing.. so tasty

  5. wow.............wat a beautiful creation!!!!!! yumm too..........

  6. Love your filling idea. Kind of samosa and chutney in one.

  7. oh ..Love the bread .Love to munch some .. Thanks for linking it to my event First anniversary giveaway


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