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Marinated jumbo prawns wrapped in spring roll wrappers and deep fried... Very simple and delicious treat for sea food lovers.. I had eaten these in a sea food restaurant in Houston and liked them a lot. I gave it a try making them at home and they tasted exactly the same..Those of you who love prawns are surely going to like them.

Jumbo prawns  .... 4  ( or as needed)
Garlic paste .... 1 tsp
Soya sauce .... 1 tbsp
Chilli sauce .... 1/4 tsp (add more if you like)
Spring roll wrappers  .. Cut into 3 inch wide strips 
(I bought the ready wrappers from the store. See the recipe  HERE  for home made ones)
Oil ... to fry

For the paste:
Flour / maida .... 2 tbsps
Water ............ 1/2 cup
Dilute the maida with water and cook it in a pan whisking all the time to avoid lumps until it is thick. 

1. Clean the prawns and leave the tails intact. 
2. Marinate them with soya, chilli sauce and garlic paste.( at least for 1 hour )
3. Drain the liquid out completely. 
4. Take a strip of 3 inch wide and wrap it around the prawn sealing it with the maida  paste.
5. Heat oil and deep fry the prawn spring rolls to a golden colour until crisp on medium flame first and reducing it to low so that the prawns get cooked.
Serve hot with chilli sauce 

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  1. So nice idea to wrap prawns with spring roll cover. Yummy and tasty!

    today's post:

    1. Thank you Sanoli.. they really are awesome


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