Thursday, August 8, 2013


Namak para is a simple snack made from all purpose flour flavoured with carom or cumin seeds. It is perfect to munch at tea time.

All purpose flour ... 1 cup (or as needed)
Oil / ghee ....... 2-3 tbsps ( after mixing it should resemble the crumbs )
Carom seeds or Crushed cumin seeds ... 1 tsp
Salt ..... to taste
Oil .... to fry

1. Mix ghee or oil, salt and carom seeds (ajwain).
2. Knead to a medium soft dough and leave it covered for half an hour to one hour.
3. Heat oil in a kadai / pan and roll out a small portion of the dough.
4. Cut into strips, squares or diamond shape.
5. Drop them into the oil and fry on medium and low flame (changing it from time to time) until they are crisp.
6. Drain out on a paper towel.
7. Cool them and store in air tight container.

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