Wednesday, June 5, 2013

TEHRI (Sweet Saffron Rice)

This is a Traditional Sindhi dish prepared on auspecious occasions and festive days.
Basmati rice .... 1 cup
Sugar ............... 3/4 cup
Cardamoms .... 3-4
Salt ............... a pinch
Saffron ........ 1/8 tsp ( a generous pinch )
Pistachios .... few (unsalted)
Almonds ...... 2-3
Raisins ....... few
Ghee / oil

1. Wash and soak the rice for 1 hour.

2. In a pan heat ghee / oil  and add the cardamoms.

3. Add the rice and saute. Now pour one and half cups water.

4. When it starts boiling add a pinch of salt, saffron and let it cook until three-fourths done.

5. Now add the sugar. Stir it and let it cook on low flame.

6. Place the pot on a griddle and cover the lid well. Stir it carefully a couple of times until the water from the sugar is absorbed and the tehri is done.
If you like soft tehri then sprinkle a little more water and place it for dum.

7. Heat a little ghee and pour over the tehri. Garnish with sliced pistachios and almonds.


  1. Delightful sweet rice..:)

  2. Delicious rice dear...i luv this...yum.

  3. wow ur tehri has come out really good but i didnt understand salt part here. u didnt use the color na
    looks yummy yummy

  4. Yummy rice...)

  5. tehri ki shakal after so so long! and that too a royal one!

  6. Dear Shobha
    How are you ? Here after a long time ! I love Teheri but never made it . Now will try .
    Have a nice week

  7. Sooo tempting. Yummy. Delicious.
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