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 Check out the process of making these gluten free thin jowar or sorghum flour phulkas. It is a very healthy grain and perfect for weight watchers as it has proteins, carbohydrates and fibre content.
Jowar is a grain that is being used since ancient times. It is gaining popularity these days. People have started using it a lot in various forms. We have many innovative recipes with this flour like cookies, breads, etc etc

Ingredients: Jowar / sorghum flour .... 1 cup Water ............................... 1 cup Ghee /clarified butter ..... 2 - 3 tbsps

1. Take a thick and heavy pan and add the jowar flour.
2. Add the equal quantity of water which is 1 cup here.
3. Start mixing with the ladle immediately breaking all the lumps.
4.Continue mixing until it thickens and becomes like a dough that we knead for rotis.
5. Immediately remove from the pan onto a plate as the pan is still hot and it will be over cooked. So do not leave it in the hot pan for cooling.
6. Spread it on the plate with the spoon so that it cools faster.
7. Once you are able to handle it start kneading it until smooth. Gather the dough together.
8. Take a small portion and roll it out into a thin roti sprinkling little dry flour as needed.
9. Using a spatula transfer the roti on to a greased griddle so that it does not get stuck.
10. Flip it a couple of times. When it is half done roast it directly on the gas with the help of tongs.
11. Remove and spoon some ghee / clarified butter on it.
12. Put them in a casserole lined with foil paper to keep them soft.
13. These can be served with any veg or non veg curry, sabzi, dal.

Yield - 6-7 rotis from 1 cup flour

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This recipe is made for the event - A-Z Recipe Challenge. 
Season 1 - We have completed the first season making the recipes alphabetically with ingredients with English names. ( eg. A - Apple, Artichoke, Asparagus ..)
Season 2 - We decided to make the recipes alphabetically with Hindi names. ( A - Anar, Adrak Aloo ... )
This month the Alphabet is J - I made Jowar Ke Phulke

Recipe List of A-Z Challenge (Season 2)

A - Adraki Aloo  (Baby Potatoes with ginger and spice powders)
B - Begun Bhaja  ( Bengali style fried Brinjals)
C - Chukandar Ke Parathe  (Stuffed Beetroot Parathas)
D - Farali Dahi Chawal ( Barnyard Millet Curd Rice / Samak ke Dahi Chawal )
E - Elaichi Cup Cakes ( Cardamom flavoured cup cakes )
F - False ke Biscuits ( Lemon Currant Cookies )
G - Gud Wale Pohe (Sweet Flattened Rice Flakes with jaggery)
H - Hare Dhaniye ki Sabzi ( Fresh Coriander stir fry )
I - Imli Gosht ( Hyderabadi style tangy Mutton Curry)
J - Jowar ke Phulke (Sorghum Flour Flatbreads)
K - Karele Ki Bhurji ( Diced Bitter gourd stir fry )
L - Lehsun Ka Achar ( Garlic Pickle )
M - Moong Dal with Sarson ( Moong Dal with mustrard greens )
N - Neembu Gud Ki Shikanji ( Indian Lemon Drink with jaggery)

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  1. I like this recipe, it is very healthy and better that wheat. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Such thin and soft phulkas from jowar. It's incredible. I am never able to roll these so thin. Now that I have your recipe, will try it soon. Do we have to use boiling water?

    1. Thanks. You can see the detailed process of making in the video

  3. This jowar ke phulke looks so soft and super healthy from regular wheat flour roti. Never tried jowar in my kitchen till yet, if i'll try i 'll start from your roti recipe. thanks for sharing!!

    1. Jowar is a heathy grain. Do make them and enjoy !

  4. Jowar Phulka is so thin and nice. Love the way you have explained how to make these healthy flatbreads. Will definitely try it soon.

  5. Very interesting how the dough is made. We use the same technique for riceflour rotis, but have never used it for jowar. Will certainly try it.

    1. Yes indeed. You can also make with bajra flaour in the same way. Thanks

  6. These jowar phulkas look delicious. These are great for people who are allergic to wheat. Also a nice change from eating the same rotis.

    1. Very true Mina. They pair well with lot of sabzis.

  7. I love the easy process of making jowar rotis here. The method I follow is tedious. Will love to try your method.

    1. I am so glad you liked it and found the method easy.

  8. so fabulous that these are gluten free. These will definitely be my go to flatbread when I want something lighter - especially during the summer months.

    1. Thanks Mireille. Infact these are a staple food in South India as jowar is very nutritious.


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