Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Jowar ki Roti or Bhakri is an Indian flat bread made with Sorghum flour. This grain has incredible health benefits.  One roti itself is quite filling and keeps you going for the day. This is the reason why it is mostly consumed by the people in the villages who do a lot of physical work. Unlike the wheat flour this one has to be handled very carefully.
Knead it with warm water just before making the rotis. Traditionally they were made by hand patting them which is very tricky. You can roll them between two plastic sheets to make your task easy.

Jowar atta ...... 1 cup ( millet) Jowar also is known as Jowari, Juar
Wheat flour .... 1/4 cup
Salt ................... to taste (optional) In South India geneally salt is not added in this roti.
Ghee/oil ..... to smear on top.

1. Mix both the attas and add salt if desired.

2. Knead the dough with luke warm water.Set aside for at least half an hour.
3. Roll into rotis...before rolling check the consistency of the dough and sprinkle a little water and knead again if required.....rolling this roti is a bit difficult. You can also roll in between the plastic sheets.

4. Roast it on a griddle until half done and finish it off directly on the gas using tongs. This gives a rustic look and taste.

5. Smear ghee on top and serve hot. Here I have served it with MIRCHI KA SALAN.


  1. Yummy healthy rotis...I have eaten this before...never made it myself..

  2. Very healthy rotis, looks so soft and yummy! Thank you for sending it to Iftar Moments :)

  3. hi shobha, i am excited to try out your millet roti. i have never cooked anything using millet flour before
    must be great to sample this flavor'

    in our malaysian language roti means bread- may we adopted the word from your end :)

    1. Yes it is nice and healthy one but a little tricky to prepare

  4. Rotis made healthier! Nice idea!

  5. Loved the idea of Jowar Roti.. Thanks for dropping by and for the wonderful comments.
    Wow u are a great artist too. Lovely pics.

  6. Nice idea of adding wheat flour to it. Thanks for sharing

  7. to have you do guest post for me...hi shobha, many thanks , i am excited
    i love the gourmet style briyani recipe, but i leave it to you to decide what recipe you want to post. you dont have to get confirmation from me again, just send to me via email me at wmznahwm@gmail.com
    can you write down about 4 or 5 lines on yourself and those culinary achievement you earned so far.. i want to publish it too.
    i noticed you are one of the most popular chefs around..thanks, i will be back on monday, happy weekend to you too

    1. Sure.. It will be a pleasure to do a guest post for you

  8. These are known as Jolada rotti in Karnataka and I have had them at some hotels...they taste really yumm....But I have tried making it at home...must try

  9. Wowww.. Delicious looking and healthy roti.. Simply inviting dear.

  10. Absolutely love this roti, very healthy and the use of whole grain, so nice.

  11. I have heard of this variety of Rotis.. But have never tried.. Now i have the recipe here.. Would love to try soon..


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