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Hyderabad is well known for its spicy curries, both veg and non veg. Here is a spicy and tangy mutton curry from this region that you are going to fall in love with. A treat for spicy food lovers. My version is still milder. You may adjust the spice level as you like. Make and enjoy !

Mutton ............... 500 gms
Oil ..................... 4-5 tbsps
Onion paste ...... 2 cups
Tomato puree ... 1 cup
Tamarind puree . 2-3 tbsps or as per your taste
Ginger paste ....... 1 tbsp
Garlic paste ......... 1 tbsp
Kashmiri chilli powder .. 1 tsp
Spicy chilli powder ... 1/2 tsp 
Jaggery ..................... 1 tsp (optional)
Salt .......................... as needed.

Dry roast and grind:
Dessicated coconut ....... 2 tbsps
Cumin seeds ............... 1 tsp
Coriander seeds ......... 1 tbsp
Cloves ...................... 3-4
Cinnamon ............... 1" piece
Mace ....................... 1/2 piece
green cardamoms ..... 3-4
Black cardamom ..... 1
Bay leaf ................... 1

For tempering:
Ghee (clarified butter) .... 1 tbsp
Mustard seeds ...... 1 tsp
Methi or fenugreek seeds ... 1/4 tsp
Whole garlic cloves ........ 6-8 (you may crush them lightly)
Curry leaves .................. few
Dry red chillies ............ 2-3
Asafoetida ................... 2 pinches.

1. For dry roasting the ingredients take a pan and add the whole spices first followed by coriander, cumin seeds. When they give out an aroma reduce the flame and add the dessicated coconut. Roast until it is golden brown. Cool the mixture and grind it to a fine powder. 
2. In a pressure cooker heat the oil and add the ginger and garlic paste. Saute it a bit.
3. Add the onion paste and saute it stirring intermittently until golden brown in colour.
4. Now stir in the tomato puree. Saute it. 
5. Add salt and turmeric powder. Stir fry until the oil starts to separate.
6. Now tip in the mutton pieces and saute them stirring from time to time until the water from the mutton is dried up and oil starts to separate. 
7. Add 2-3 cups of hot water. This will not cease the cooking process.
8. Close the cooker and cook for 7-8 whistles and check after the pressure is released. Cook again if needed as these days the mutton we get is not so tender. It should be done 95 percent.
9. Next add the chilli powders (Kashmiri and the spicy one), jaggery and the roasted and ground spice mix. Adjust the quantity as per your preference.
10. If you want more gravy add some water. If serving dry you can skip adding. 
11. Add little more salt and tamarind juice. Give it a nice stir and cover the pan
12. Slow cook for 2-3 minutes until done. Add some coriander leaves finally.
13. Now time to add the tempering. Heat the ghee in a pan. Do not burn it on high flame as it looses it's flavour and the nutritional value.
14. Add the tempering ingredients mentioned in the list and let them crackle. First the dry ones followed by garlic cloves. 
15. Add the tempering to the prepared mutton and give it a gentle mix. 
16. You can enjoy the gravy version with rice and the dry version with rotis/naans/dosas/bhakris.

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This recipe is made for the event - A-Z Recipe Challenge. 
Season 1 - We have completed the first season making the recipes alphabetically with ingredients with English names. ( eg. A - Apple, Artichoke, Asparagus ..)
Season 2 - We decided to make the recipes alphabetically with Hindi names. ( A - Anar, Adrak Aloo ... )
This month the Alphabet is I - and my chosen ingredient is IMLI (tamarind)

Recipe List of A-Z Challenge (Season 2)

A - Adraki Aloo  (Baby Potatoes with ginger and spice powders)
B - Begun Bhaja  ( Bengali style fried Brinjals)
C - Chukandar Ke Parathe  (Stuffed Beetroot Parathas)
D - Farali Dahi Chawal ( Barnyard Millet Curd Rice / Samak ke Dahi Chawal )
E - Elaichi Cup Cakes ( Cardamom flavoured cup cakes )
F - False ke Biscuits ( Lemon Currant Cookies )
G - Gud Wale Pohe (Sweet Flattened Rice Flakes with jaggery)
H - Hare Dhaniye ki Sabzi ( Fresh Coriander stir fry )
I - Imli Gosht ( Hyderabadi style tangy Mutton Curry)
J - Jowar Ke Phulke ( Sorghum Flatbreads)
K - Karele Ki Bhurji ( Diced bitter gourd stir fry )
L - Lehsun Ka Achar ( Garlic Pickle )
M - Moong Dal with Sarson ( Moong lentils with mustard greens )
N - Neembu Gud Ki Shikanji ( Indian Lemon drink with jaggery )

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  1. This is a delicious gravy recipe. Being a vegetarian, I will use your recipe to create something with potatoes or paneer. Such a wonderful share.

    1. Thanks for liking. Please do that and in Andhra they also make bhindi in this gravy.

  2. Imli Ghost sounds interesting. Would love to replicate it with vegetables as I am a vegetarian. Will share this recipe with my meat loving friends. Will try with Bhindi as you suggested.

    1. Preethi the bhindi version is too good and very popular in Andhra.

  3. This Imli Gosht seems so flavorful and tangy. I would love to try out this entire recipe. However I have added the roasted and ground ingredients spices to one of my favorite curry It tasted awesome.

    1. Thanks a lot. Yes this ground masala is so flavourful and a popular one in Andhra. It can be used in many dishes, both veg and non veg.

  4. I have never tried tamarind in my non veg gravy curry, this one is so different and looks perfect. Would love to try it after navratre

    1. Adding tamarind to non veg curries is very common in South India. Do try it after Navratras.

  5. Sounds good, gravy looks so tempting would love to try it for my family. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Make and enjoy ! I am sure your family will like it.

  6. Imli ghosht looks and sounds so lip smacking. I Loved your simple and hassle free recipe, will definitely pass out to my husband who is a big fan of mutton.

    1. Thanks Jolly. I am sure he will enjoy this Hyderabadi mutton

  7. The masala mix you have prepped here sounds delicious. I would love to try it with veggies. What are your recommendations?

    1. Seema make bhindi curry. That is also popular in Andhra.


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