Wednesday, February 12, 2014

STRAWBERRY MOJITO ( A Refreshing Non Alcoholic Mocktail )

 This is such a refreshing non alcoholic drink and simple to make.It has strawberries, mint,  The authentic Mojito is a Cocktail made with mint, sugar, lime, rum  and soda..

Strawberries ... 10 - 12 ( or as needed)
Mint leaves ...  few ( 8-10)
Lemon juice ... 2 tbsps
Sugar .............. 2 tbsps
Soda / sparkling water .. 1 bottle 
Ice cubes ..  to serve( I put some sliced strawberries and set the cubes )
Fresh strawberries and lemon wedges for garnishing.

1. Take about 6-7 chopped strawberries and some torn mint leaves.
2. Put them in a flat bottomed glass and crush them with a wooden spoon.
3. Add the sugar and lemon juice and crush again until well blended.
4. Leave it covered in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours.
5. Just before serving, spoon the crushed mixture into tall glasses.
6. Put the strawberry ice cubes and pour the chilled soda on it.
7. Mix well and garnish the glass rim with a lemon wedge and a strawberry.
Serve chilled immediately.

Yield  -   2 glasses.

For variation you can try out with other fruits like pineapple and blue berries.

Recipe Courtesy - EZ CookBook

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  1. very very refreshing and yummy mojito !! all the best dear :)

  2. This looks so refreshing. I like the fact that's its non alcoholic.Perfect to serve at barbecues.

  3. Now i miss my strawberries here, just finished them as salad rite now for dinner. Mojito looks simply out of the world.

    1. never mind.. you can try this next time when you buy them

  4. Excellent Shobha :). This looks so cooling and refreshing!

  5. such a refreshing drink. I could do with some to cool off in this heat here.

  6. welcoming drink and love those strawberry loaded vehicle

  7. Such a refreshing cocktail and it looks so pretty too! I like how you used strawberry ice cubes, Shobha!

  8. I love the idea of the strawberry ice cubes. What a cool idea!


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