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Xacuti chicken - (pronounced as sha-koo-tee) is a spicy curry from Goa. It goes well with plain boiled rice. These days xacuti masala is easily available in the stores but nothing better than using freshly home made one. You can prepare more quantity of masala and store it for later use. You can make mutton, pork, fish, egg, crab, prawn curry or any vegetarian curry too with this masala. 

Chicken ........... 500 gms. ( with bones)
Onions ............. 2 (sliced)
Coconut .......... 1/2 cup ( grated)
Ginger paste .... 1 tsp
Garlic paste ...... 1 tbsp
Tamarind paste ...... 2 tbsp ( Less or more according to your taste)
Turmeric powder ..... 1/2 tsp
Salt ..................... to taste
Coriander leaves ... to garnish.
Xacuti masala ... 3 tbsp ( see recipe HERE )

1. Clean the chicken and set aside.

2. In a sauce pan stir fry the grated coconut until golden brown. Let it cool.

3. Grind the coconut, ginger, garlic, tamarind to a smooth paste adding a little water. Set aside.

4. In a pan heat a little oil and fry the sliced onions until brown. Add a little water to cook. Grind to paste.

5. Pour a little more oil and put the onion paste and the ground coconut paste. Saute. Add salt, turmeric powder and 3 tbsps of xacuti masala powder. Stir it to mix.

6. Now add the chicken pieces. Stir fry for a few minutes. Add 2 cups of water and simmer it to cook until done.

Garnish with coriander leaves and serve with plain rice.

I tried out boneless chicken dry preparation using the same recipe with xacuti masala.

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  1. Delicious chicken recipe...looks wonderful..

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  3. Yummy yummy lovely n easy curry. TFS.

  4. Always been a great fan for goan recipes..Looks great n yummy

  5. Superb chicken curry,I can imagine the flavors.

  6. ooooh haye haye yummy yummy I want to eat the whole of it :)

    will try it for sure

    1. This is surely your kind of dish Bikramjit.. make and enjoy !

  7. New kind of spice mix to me, looks very yummy! Thank you for sending it to Iftar Moments.

  8. i liked this version..vl try this 4 my hub

  9. I have heard a lot about Xacuti curry but never tasted it. It looks exotic. Will definitely try it. Thanks for sending it to Chicken Feast!

  10. hi shobha, i know this is very flavorful and delicious, with the specially prepared coconut added.
    bookmarked with thanks. have a nice day

    1. Yes, the coconut based curries are so flavourful

  11. Yummy chicken curry, looks so tempting.

  12. Looks very delicious and you have put in a lots of effort to make visitors understand the step by step process pics!!
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  14. Hey Shoba..thank you so much for leeting me know about the linky tool being closed..
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