Saturday, September 2, 2017


Mojito is my favourite drink. You can make this is various flavours but nothing can beat the mango flavour which is my favourite.. We can enjoy the non-alcoholic virgin mojito in summer, a refreshing drink to beat the scorching heat. It just requires few ingredients and so easy to make.

Mango juice .... 1 cup
Fresh mint leaves .. handful
Ginger ............. 1 inch piece (grated)
Lemon juice ...  1 tbsp or little more if you like it tangy.
Lemon pieces ... few
Honey .............. 1 tbsp
Soda (chilled) ............... 1 bottle (use as needed)
Crushed ice ................ as needed.

1. In a large bowl or jug take the ginger, lemon pieces and mint leaves.
2. Muddle them with a wooden pestle until the mint leaves are bruised and you get a lovely aroma.
3. Now add the honey or sugar and mango juice and stir. This mixture can be refrigerated until use. You can add the fresh and chilled soda just before serving.
4. Before serving take the glasses preferably placed in the refrigerator for chilling. Fill them half with the prepared mango ginger mint mix, tip in some lemon slices, mint leaves and crushed ice.
5. Pour chilled soda and stir lightly with a stirrer or a straw. Serve immediately.

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  1. mojito is also one of my favourite drinks - and adding mango well that is genius!!

  2. My favorite drink and I really don't mind adding rum to it. Mango and ginger combination sounds really appealing.

  3. I love mojitos and this combination sounds super delicious. I am going to book mark and try for sure.

  4. A refreshing, cooling drink. I love both mojito and mango so am sure I'd love this mocktail. Love the addition of ginger.

  5. I love mango mojito, it is a refreshing drink. Now eagerly waiting for the mango season to start here.

    1. Yes, I love mangoes too. Just can't wait to enjoy them

  6. Wow, shobhaji, mango ginger mojito looks brilliant!!! mango, mint and ginger must be a splendid combo, cant wait to try this!!

  7. Ginger and mango! Well the mango season is round the corner cannot wait to try it. Sounds delicious. Ginger n mango mojito here I come.

  8. You had me with mango. I love mango based cocktails and this looks so delicious!


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