Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Things Required:
Small brinjals ... select ones which are a bit curved
Carrot or fresh red chillies .. for the beaks.
Tooth picks.

How to make:
1. Cut out a slice from the bottom to make them stand.
2. Give slits on the sides for the wings. Cut a tiny piece of the toothpick and insert between the body and the wing so that they look a bit spread out.
3. Cut the edge of the chilli. Insert a tiny piece of toothpick near the beak part and fix the chilli on it. OR you can carve it from a piece of carrot and fix it.


  1. Wow penguins looks damn cute and attractive.

  2. hi shobhaji,
    lovely penguins...very creative, thanks

  3. hi shobha, oops! your culinary art is expanding very fats- cute penguins, normally people just do carrot, cucumbers, chili, capsicum, but not brinjals. have a nice day.

    by the way, many thanks for sharing your experience and i have mentioned your name and url in my blog post- see end of post -second last paragraph-

  4. very creative .love the idea.

  5. wow, so cute penguins, what a lovely idea :)

  6. This is so cute .. superlike :)

  7. Perfectly done
    Good one.Love this !


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