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Falafel is a very popular snack from the Middle East. It is made from soaked and coarsely ground chickpeas and spices. You can have it as a snack or stuffed in pita pockets with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and hummus.

Chickpeas .... 1 cup (Soaked overnight)
Gram flour ... 1-2 tbsp.
Garlic paste.......... 1 tsp
Onion ............... 2-3 tbsps. (chopped)
Parsely ............. 1/4 cup (chopped finely) - you may use coriander instead or both
Mint leaves ....... a few (optional - I like to add for flavour)
Cumin seeds ...... 1 tsp ( crushed coarsely)
Green/red chillies .... 1
Baking powder .... 1/2 tsp.
Lemon juice ............ 2-3 tbsp (as per your taste)
Salt .............. to taste
Oil .............. to fry


1. Grind the chickpeas in a food processor along with garlic, chilli, parsley, mint, onion cumin seeds and lemon juice. ( without adding water)
2. Mix the gram flour, baking powder and leave it in the refrigerator until you fry. It becomes a little thicker. Add the salt just before frying because salt leaves out water and makes the dough watery.
3. Make lemon sized balls, flatten them a bit and deep fry to a golden colour.
4. Falafel can be served as a snack or a sandwich in pita pockets along with hummus or garlic sauce, onion, tomato, pickled vegetables, lettuce/parsley.

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  1. Hello Mam just landed in your blog and found some lovely recipes. Do visit my blog in your spare time.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and liking my recipes. Will surely drop by and check out yours too.

  2. Dear Shobha
    How are you? Opening blog after 6 months! As soon as I landed at Algiers I am reading missed recipes..Never tried to make Falafel now feeling enthusiastic after reading your recipe. Adding salt at the last moment is a great tip, never occurred to me before! I think it should be valid for most frying where watering out of the mix is not good!
    Have a nice weekend...will be home day after tomorrow to read all the missed ones.

    1. Thanks for always appreciating my work.. It really feels nice to know when someone appreciates. I can understand being away from home you must be missing home food.

  3. So flavorful and love your recipe!

  4. Nice recipe I like chickpeas..

  5. Dear Shobha,
    These look delicious. Wish we could have smell-and-taste-a-vision, so I'll just settle for virtual tasting instead...mmmmmmmm...hope you made plenty becausee I'll be back for seconds! LOL

    Thanks for linking up to Blog Hop Saturday! I intend to hold this every first Saturday of the month, so the next hop will be on June 2nd. The Linky will open Fri June 1st from 8:00pm - 11:59pm EST Sat June 2nd. Invite your friends...everyone is welcome...hope you will join us!

    1. Ha ha Andy.. thanks for liking them... you are most welcome to have them all.

  6. Yum - one of my favorite foods! I am still working on perfecting a "non-fried" version but loathe the baked ones. It seems pan-frying may be the only acceptable alternative but I am not done testing recipes yet. Any tips?

    1. Alyssa, I personally feel that there is a lot of difference in the taste of the non-fried recipes. Once in a way there is no harm in indulging and enjoying the fried stuff.

  7. ho shobha. your falafel looks great, bookmarked this dlicious snack with thanks. have a nice daye

  8. Shobha, falafels bring me fond memories of my mom. We used to get them at the mall on weekends when we went shopping. Seeing this recipe is making me crave them! I will have to try this! Thanks! :-)

    1. Sweet and fond memories always linger in your minds.


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