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China grass or agar agar pudding is a very popular dessert in Sindhi homes probably because it tastes so much like Colostrum pudding. After giving birth to a calf the milk which is produced by the cow or buffalo is known as colostrum milk. This is very nutritious and you can make puddings with this by steaming it after adding any kind of flavours you like. Generally we add cardamoms and saffron. Getting this milk is not very easy so the best substitute is agar agar which comes in granule form and also dry weed like substance which is cut, soaked in water and then cooked with milk to give the firm texture to the pudding.

Milk ... 1 litre
Agar agar ... 15 gms (about 2 cups after cutting into pieces)
Sugar ......... 1/4 cup (adjust as per your liking)
Cardamoms ... 3-4
Saffron ..... 2 pinches
Pistachios ... few . crushed for garnishing.

1. Cut the china grass into small pieces and soak it in a bowl with one cup water for at least one hour.
2. Boil the milk adding cardamoms and saffron.
3. Now add the soaked china grass and continue stirring on low flame until it melts completely.
4. Finally add the sugar and simmer for a minute.
5. Pour it in a flat serving dish sprinkle the crushed pistachio powder.
6. Allow it to cool and then you can refrigerate it until it sets.
7. Cut it into cubes and serve or you can even set it in small individual bowls.

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  1. I love agar agar the color of the pudding...

    1. Thanks Rafeeda.. this is the way we used to prepare the real one with colostrum milk.I don't like to change the flavours though you can have so many variations.

  2. I remember childhood days when we used to prepare pudding colostrum milk along with date plum jaggery..good to know about the substitution...

    1. Thanks Amrita.. I must try out with plum jaggery next time. Must be having real desi flavours.

  3. When we raised llamas we sometimes ended up with a little of their colostrum, but we always put it in the freezer in case another llama baby would need it later! I do remember using agar agar for cooking when I lived in Europe many years ago. This looks delicious!

    1. Interesting to hear about llamas.. we also have them in the mountainous regions in India.Never seen one though.

  4. Again you have made something I have never heard of but it looks really nice!


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