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Harissa sauce has become quite popular these days and is used in various marinations. It can be used as an accompaniment with snacks as well. Tunisia is the origin of this dish and  Harissa is sometimes described as "Tunisia's main condiment" or " Tunisia's National Condiment" . Recipes of Harissa vary according to the household and region. Variations can include the addition of cumin, red peppers, garlic,coriander and lemon juice. In Saharan regions, harissa can have a smoky flavor. 
I saw this recipe in Chef Ranveer Brar's TV show and have followed the same method. 

Dry red cillies ... 15  (I have used Kashmiri chillies)
Garlic ............... 1 pod (10 - 12 cloves)
Red bell pepper .... 1/4 cup (chopped)
Coriander seeds ... 1 tbsp
Cumin seeds ........ 1 tbsp
Vinegar ............... 2 -3 tbsps
Salt .................... as needed
Sugar ............... 1 tsp
Oil ................... 1/4 cup

1. Wash and soak the red chillies for 6-7 hours or overnight.
2. Boil the chillies for 5-7 minutes or until soft.
3. In a pan heat oil and add the cumin, coriander seeds and whole garlic cloves (peeled)
4. Saute until they become light brown and give out an aroma.
5. Tip in the finely chopped bell pepper. This is added to give thickness to the sauce.
6. Add the boiled chillies, sugar and salt.
7. Stir in the vinegar and a little water as needed. Simmer for a minute.
8. Allow it to cool and grind it to a paste.
9. If you want to store it for a longer period just add enough oil to cover the sauce.
Traditionally this sauce was stored in earthen pots.

Information Source - Wikipedia
Recipe Credits - Chef Ranveer Brar


  1. Me and my daughter love spicy food and I always keep a red chilli sauce/chutney handy for us to add a spicy kick to our food.. love your version will try it soon

    1. Thanks Swaty.. same here. Hubby doesn't like spicy food . So I have to have these sauces on the side.

  2. Homemade harissa sauce looks so fiery. Such a great sauce to have in the fridge as it can be used with so many dishes from fresh fries to salads dressings.

    1. Yes dear.. I add a spoonful to many things like curries or marinating meats.

  3. I love Harissa sauce but never made it at home. I am saving your recipe to make it soon

    1. Thanks .. Do share the feed back when you make.


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