Wednesday, February 18, 2015

BUTTER GARLIC PRAWNS ( Valentine's Day Special )

This is a simple and delicious snack and takes hardly any time to prepare it. Since I made it for Valentine's Day I put the prawns in satay sticks in the shape of a heart. You may serve them on a platter too.

Prawns ... 250 gms
Garlic.... 1 tbsp (crushed)
Lemon juice .. 1 tbsp
Kesari / orange colour .. a pinch
Red chilli powder .. 1/4 tsp
Salt ..... to taste
Butter .... 1 tbsp


1. Peel and clean the prawns leaving the tails intact. Marinate them with all the ingredients mentioned except butter.

2. Heat the skillet and add the butter. As it starts melting tip in the prawns. Saute them turning a few times until the colour changes and they are done. (5-7 minutes)

Serve hot.

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  1. I love butter garlic prawns...Never knew it could be made this simple.. We have the garlic pepper prawns with a butter sauce!

  2. Lovely presentation:-)

  3. It is really delicious...
    Please link your recipes to my event

  4. Lovely prawns very nice heart shaped.

  5. Creative idea..prawns luks só spicy n tempting..

  6. I love the way you presented it..looks mouthwatering


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