Friday, January 10, 2020


Carve out these easy roses from tomatoes to garnish the platters and make your delicious food look more presentable in a party.

Things required :
Ripe but firm tomatoes.
Sharp knife

How to do it:
1.Take a ripe and firm tomato.
2. Cut a thin slice at the base taking care not to separate it from the tomato.
3. Now start cutting the skin on the side of the tomato inserting the knife until you reach the tip of the tomato without breaking in between.
4. Now making the thin slice as a base start rolling the skin round and round to make the rose.
5. Garnish your food platters with these easy to make roses.

You can check out the video of the carving to see the procedure

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  1. The carved tomatoes look very artistic and elegant. Garnishing food with these roses will make any dish look amazing.

  2. Wow it is not easy to carve a tomato and you have carved it so well. Will be the star on a salad tray

  3. This is something I use to do long time ago when we use to host big parties, nowadays I've just forgotten how to decor food we serve. Your video reminded me that I should start making tomato roses and other decor. Very good explanation.

    1. Thanks Mayuri.. When we entertain we hardly get time to do all these things.. But this one is managable as it is very easy.


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