Saturday, September 23, 2017


Quick and easy dips are a boon when we have unexpected visitors. Mango mustard dip is one such dish that can be easily prepared in summer since we always have mangoes at home. You can serve this dip with cucumbers, carrots, radish or some chips.  I have served with home made baked pita chips.
The other ingredients used in this dipping sauce are also basic ones like mayonnaise, mustard sauce or mustard seeds and lemon juice. I had recently posted the recipes of home made mayonnaise, veg and egg versions. The links are given below (at the end of this post) for you to check out in case you wish to make it. Or else you can also use the store bought mayonnaise if you are short of time.

Mayonnaise ... 4 tbsps
Mango pulp .... 4 tbsps
Grainy mustard sauce .. 1 tsp (use crushed mustard seeds if you don't have mustard sauce)
Salt .............. to taste
Black pepper .. 1/8 tsp for garnishing
Fresh oregano and rosemary leaves .. few (optional) you may add few mint leaves instead.
Lemon juice ... 1 or 2 tbsps (adjust as per your liking)

1. Take all the ingredients in a mixer.
2. Blend lightly to mix everything together.
3. Spoon it into a serving dish.
4. Garnish with freshly crushed black pepper and few rosemary and oregano leaves.
5. Serve with pita chips or some veggies like cucumber, carrot, radish strips.

Check out the Mayonnaise recipes:

Eggless Mayonnaise - HERE

Mayonnaise with whole egg - HERE


  1. For mango pulp can we use, the preservative mango thing we found in malls or do we have to use real mango only.

    1. During mango season you can use the fresh mango pulp.. otherwise you can make use of the store bought frozen or canned puree.

  2. I'm first going to make mayonnaise at home to make this interesting dip.

    1. Thank you Mayuri.. home made products are much healthier without preservatives.

  3. Really exotic and lip smacking dip, great for parties and get together.


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