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This Banana Bread is a yeasted slightly sweet sandwich bread that makes particularly excellent peanut butter sandwiches / jam sandwiches. If you flavour it with some spices mentioned below and add fruits to it you can simply relish the bread on its own.

 Here are some suggestions for flavour pairings/ combinations that go well with banana.

 Fruit - Apricot, Blueberry, Cherry, Date, Fig, Guava, Kiwi, Kumquat, Lime, Mango, Orange, Papaya, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Strawberry

 Spices - Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Tea Others - Caramel, Coconut, Coffee, Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, Honey, Macadamia, Maple, Oatmeal,Pecan, Walnuts, White Chocolate

Flour ..... 2 cups plus more for dusting.
Bananas .. 1 large or 2 small (make about 1/2 to 3/4 cup puree)
Butter ... 10 gms
Yeast .... 1 tsp
Salt ...... 1/2 tsp
Honey .. 1 tbsp
Sugar ... 1 tbsp
Cinnamon ... 1/2 tsp
Milk ....... 1/4 cup


 Take 1/4 cup lukewarm water. Add sugar and spoon the yeast. Keep it in a warm place until frothy.

Mix the cinnamon powder in the flour in a large bowl.Add sugar, salt, honey, banana puree and butter.

Knead adding the fermented yeast and as much milk required to make a soft dough.

Remove it on the powdered surface for kneading.

Knead it well for 4-5 minutes with the palm of your hand knocking it.

Place in a greased bowl. Cover with a foil and allow it to rise until double in volume.

It takes about 2 hours (more time in winter)

Gently deflate the risen dough and shape it into a smooth loaf .

Grease a loaf tin (8 and 1/2 by 4 and 1/2 ) . Place the bread loaf into it with the folded side down.

Cover the tin and allow it to rise again for 1 hour or more until well risen.Brush it with a little milk on top. If you like you can sprinkle some oats on top otherwise leave it plain.

Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180 C  ( 350 F )for about 40 to 45 minutes.

Allow the bread to cool before slicing it.

Note: The time and temperature may vary a little depending on the size and type of oven used.

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  1. enjoyed baking this bread, and loved the aroma. And its an easy bread to make.

  2. That looks super yummy and soft dear.. :)

  3. Amazing!!! Reminds me of the lunchbox I used to bring to school. Also, super clear instructions with photos. Thanks for sharing this simple yet lovely recipe!!!!

    1. Thanks for liking.. yes it does bring back childhood memories.. specially when I tried out a slice with jam.

  4. Ooh, what a splendid idea. I bet it makes fabulous toast too. I've bookmarked.

    1. Thanks for trying out.. do share the feed back when you make it :)

  5. Perfectly baked. Step by step instructions are really good..

  6. This looks like a delicious loaf of bread.It looks perfect to be served with tea.

  7. Lovely banana sandwich bread, perfectly baked and looks delicious.


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