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What is Mishti Doi ?

Mishti Doi is a sweetened yogurt from Bengali Cuisine. Mishti means Sweet and Doi means Yogurt. Traditionally palm jaggery was used to make it which not only gives a rustic taste but a lovely colour too. 

How do we make Mishti Doi ?

Milk is boiled and simmered until it reduces to half. It is then sweetened using jaggery or sugar and set it for fermenting after adding the yogurt culture.

How I made Mishti Doi ?

I have used some full cream milk powder along with the full cream milk. It reduces the cooking time and thickens the milk. The texture of Mishti Doi comes out lovely with this tip.

Can Mishti Doi be made with sugar ?

Yes, it can also be made with sugar. To get a brownish colour it is caramelized and added to the milk. However the traditional one made with palm jaggery tastes better.

How do we serve Mishti Doi ?

This can be had as an accompaniment with meals or as a dessert. 

Can we add any flavouring or garnishing ?

Traditionally no other flavouring ingredients were added. But you may add a pinch or two of cardamom powder. You can garnish with rose petals and crushed pistachios to make it look presentable.

Full cream milk ...... 3 cups
Full cream milk powder ... 3 tbsps
Organic jaggery................ about 1/2 cup  
Yogurt ...................... 2 tbsps (for culture)

For garnishing (optional)
Rose petals .... few (fresh or dried)
Cardamom powder ... 2 -3 pinches
Crushed pistachios .... 1 tbsp 

1. Put the milk into a thick bottomed pan.
2. When it is hot stir in the milk powder.
3. Bring it to a boil stirring continuously.
4. Let it simmer for few minutes. Keep stirring intermittently.
5. Allow it to cool a bit and stir in the jaggery little by little. Whisk it well. Check the taste and add as much as you wish to your liking (less or more)
6. Now let it cool until it becomes luke warm. Check it by inserting your finger.
7. Mix little milk with the yogurt culture in a small bowl and whisk it well.
8. Stir it into the milk pan and mix it with the ladle or a balloon whisk.
9. Pour it into a bowl or preferably an earthenware container.
10. Cover it with a foil and set it aside in a warm place for 7-8 hours or overnight.
11. Sweetened yogurt takes longer time to set (ferment ) than the normal one.

1. Make sure the milk is luke warm when you mix the yogurt culture. If it is hot Doi will not set.
2. Keep it in a warm place in the kitchen or inside the oven or a microwave. 
3. In winter wrap the container with a warm or a thick cloth and place a large dish or a vessel over it. This helps in setting it faster.
4. It sets well in an earthenware containers as they are porous. 

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This recipe is part of the "A-Z Recipe Challenge in a facebook group wherein we bloggers come together and choose key ingredients alphabetically to make and post a dish every month. The alphabet of the month is Y. So I chose Yogurt and made Mishti Doi (Sweetened Yogurt) from the Bengali Cuisine 

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  1. Looks so yummy... love this, thanks for sharing the recipe :)

  2. looks so creamy and delicious, especially with all the garnishes. I have never tried it before, but you are inspiring me to try this recipe soon.

    1. You will definitely love this sweet yogurt. Do make it.

  3. Mishti Doi is an all-time favourite of mine! This looks absolutely delicious. Thank you so much for the simple recipe. Definitely trying it out.

  4. Misti doi is such a classin and the set yogurt looks so beautiful here. I am sure it was relished instantly.

  5. brings back so many wonderful memories of work trips to Calcutta (Kolkata ok :-)) this has set beautifully !

    1. Thanks for the compliment. It did come outgood. I was so happy too.

  6. Misti Doi looks delicious, rich and creamy. Loved the presentation absolutely festive. Perfect for the hot summer.

    1. Thanks for liking the dish and the presentation.

  7. Shobha, like the idea of adding milk powder as a quick way to thicken the milk. Love how you have added some nuts, rose petals and cardamom to serve Mishti Doi. Love this yogurt dessert.

    1. Thanks Mayuri. sometimes we have to do these jhatpat tricks to simplify our job.

  8. Mishti doi looks so rich, creamy and perfectly set. I love your presentation with dry fruits and rose petals. The making is slightly same to normal dahi, will try this sometime.

  9. We love misti doi, it's a delightful treat especially in Summers. Loved the idea of adding milk powder to get thick and creamy texture.


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