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Enduri pitha is a variety of pitha made in the Indian state of Odisha. A fermented batter made with rice and black gram is spread on turmeric leaves with a sweet filling and steamed. Traditionally these used to be steamed in an earthen pot with a cloth tied on the rim for placing the pithas. Now-a-days we use steaming pots for convenience. Apart from Odisha these are also popular in Bengal, Assam, UP and Bihar. Each region has its unique flavours.

When are the pithas made ?

Pithas are made on festive days as an offering to the Gods. Odisha celebrates 13 festivals in a year. Each time a different pitha is made as an offering depending on the seasonal availability of the raw ingredients. 

Variety of Pithas:

We have a large variety of pithas, sweet as well as savoury ones. Apart from the steamed version we also have deep fried and pan roasted pithas. 

Rice ............... 1 cup
Urad dal ........ 1/3 cup
Salt ................ to taste
Turmeric leaves or banana leaves ...6. or  as needed.

For the filling:
Grated coconut ........... 1/2 cup
Organic jaggery powder .. 1/2 cup or (add as per your liking)
Paneer chena .................... 1 cup
Cardamom powder .......... 1/4 tsp
Ghee / clarifird butter....... 1 tbsp

1. Soak the rice and urad dal for 4-5 hours.
2. Rinse and grind them adding little salt and water as required.
3. Allow it to ferment for 7-8 hours or evernight.
4. Add little water if needed to the fermented batter and whisk it well to make it light and fluffy.
5. In a pan dry roast the grated coconut for a minute or so.
6. Add the paneer chena and saute it a bit.
7. Now add the ghee and the jaggery powder and keep stirring until the jaggery melts.
8. Finally flavourthe mixture with cardamom powder and allow it to cool.

To make the Pithas:
1. Wash the turmeric leaves (or banana leaves) well and wipe them.
2. If using banana leaves cut them into a longish shape.
3. Grease the surface and spread some batter on them leaving the edges.
4. Spoon some filling and spread it.
5. Fold the leaves vertically with utmost care .
6. Steam them in steaming pot for 10 minutes. You don't have to flip the side.
7. Removethem from the leaves and serve.

Recipe adapted from - HERE
Information source - Wikipedia.

Yield - 6-8 pithas (depending on the size)

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About the group:
Shhhhh Cooking Secretly is a monthly challenge in a facebook group where we are paired with a different partner every month. Two secret ingredients are  chosen by each partner for the other one and we prepare any dish with those ingredients based on the selected theme of the month which was Pithas. This was suggested by Sasmita Sahoo Samanta. My favouriterecipe from her blog is Nuchinunde - Steamed lentil dumplings from Karnataka. 
My partner of the month was Aruna Saraschandra. She gave me the two secret ingredients - Paneer Chena & Desi Ghee and I came up with this delicious and healthy Enduri Pitha.
I gave her Cumin seeds and Ginger since she chose to make savoury pitha. She made Biri Gaja or Biri Manda Pitha. An interesting pitha variety made in different shapes. Do check itout.

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  1. Steaming Enduri Pitha in turmeric leaves adds a distinct flavour to the pitha. Such a delicious looking preparation Shobha and healthy too.

    1. Yes Mayuri. It was delicious and healthy. We enjoyed this a lot.

  2. Steamed Enduri Pitha is a healthy dessert . Great vegan option too. Turmeric leaves must have lent an aroma if their own to these beauties.

    1. Yes turmeric leaves add a fragrance to the snack but I had to use banana leaves as I couldn't get them.

  3. Enduri pitha sounds such a healthy and delectable dessert ! I can imagine the flavors of the pitha that steaming in turmeric leaves must have imparted to it.

    1. Thanks Poonam. Yes you are right but this time I couldn't find turmeric leaves. Managed wuth banana leaves

  4. This steamed enduri pitha are so very delicious. Loved the idea of using banan leaves in place of turmeric leaves. With monsoons we will get turmeric leaves. Will definitely try then.

  5. Enduri Pitha looks very delicious. Loved it.

  6. Enduri Pitha is a new dish for me to try out. sounds a healthy and delicious dish with coconut and jaggery filling. wonderful share..

    1. Thanks Swati. You must try this . It was too good.

  7. Something similar to modaks, but yet so different. Liked this sweet and steamed pancakes. Yummy and healthy recipe for kids.

    1. Thanks Renu. Yes it tasted awesome and we really enjoyed.

  8. The Enduri Pitha looks so delicious and it is similar to Ela Ada made in Kerala. But it doesn't contain urad dal and paneer chena. Also I have a tip to prevent the banana leaf from tearing. We usually place the cleaned banana leaf over gas flame and flip it after couple of seconds. Wilting the leaf prevents it from tearing easily.

    1. Thanks Anu. I know this tip too. But I did not need to do that as the leaves were so tender. Someone brought them from the village.

  9. Enduri pitha looks very delicious Di,pithas prepared in turmeric or banana leaves gives divine taste to pithas. Liked the taste of paneer and coconut in stuffing.

    1. Thanks for liking dea. The filling tasted awesome.

  10. Enduri pitha looks so delicious. we generally use turmeric leaves. Loved the idea of using banana leaves.

    1. Yes dear, Turmeric leaves are traditionally used but I could not find them so I had to make do with banana leaves.

  11. Enduri Pitha looks so good and perfectly made. Cooking in banana or turmeric leaves must be giving a good aroma to it. I would love to try this one soon.

    1. You will love them for sure jayashree. Thanks


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