Wednesday, December 11, 2019


This is a simple and easy carving. You can decorate your tables with this when you entertain your friends. 

Things Required :
Tomatoes -- 2 or as needed
Satay sticks 
Spring onions (for making stems)
Carving knives 

How to make:
1. Select long and evenly shaped tomatoes.
2. Using a carving knife cutout an oblong shaped pieces tapering in the edges on 4 sides of the tomato. (see the video for detailed procedure)
3. Next cut the top part joining the 4 slits to make petals.
4. Round off the tips of the petals.
5. Scoop out the seeds and pulp carefully.
6. Take a long green part of the spring onion.
7. Insert the satay stick into it.
8. Pierce it into the tomato to make a stem.
9. Tulip is ready. Now make as many as you require in the same way.
10. Decorate them in a vase along with some more greens of the spring onions.

Watch the video to see the procedure 

You can decorate your dinner / breakfast tray with a single tulip 

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  1. Beautiful. Great idea, it's looking so close to a real tulip. I will definitely try it.

  2. Wow - what a pretty way to decorate the table during the holiday season. Useful and good way to use natural products for decorations!

    1. Yes Mireille dear and gives a satisfaction as well

  3. What a clever idea of decorating the table. You certainly are multi talented. Just watched your video and you make it look easy!! I am certainly going to give this a try.


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