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This is a most popular snack of the Chinese cuisine liked by one and all. The crispy deep fried rolls filled with veg or non veg filling are always a big hit in parties.Since I am making them for an event which calls for Videsi dish with Desi flavours, I have stir-fried the vegetables with pav bhaji masala skipping the soy sauce and ajinomoto.

(For home made wrappers)
Maida/All Purpose Flour.....2 cups
Cornflour.....2 tbsp

PREPARING THE MAIDA PASTE 1 : (For applying on the wraps)
Make a paste of 2 tbsp maida with 2 tbsp oil.

PREPARING THE MAIDA PASTE 2 : (For sealing the rolls)
Mix 2 tbsp maida with about 1/2 cup water and then heat it, stirring continuously, till it thickens to a paste.

Preparing the wraps 
1. Using maida, salt and cornflour, make a soft dough with the help of water.
2. Make very small balls out of the dough.
3. Take 4 balls. Now, roll each ball into small pancakes as shown in the picture.
4. Take a pancake, first apply the "Maida Paste 1" generously all over the pancake and then sprinkle maida on it as shown in the picture.
 5. Now place another pancake on top of it and repeat the procedure, thus making a stack of 4 pancakes one over the other, with "maida paste 1" and maida in between each.
NOTE: Don't apply anything over the top most pancake.
6. Now, roll this into a big, very thin chapati, changing sides as you roll.
7. Heat it on a tawa on low flame till it is slightly cooked on both the sides. Remove it from the tawa and then separate the 4 chapatis and store them in a wet cloth.

Cabbage grated coarsely or finely shredded......2 cups
Carrots cut into thin strips .....1/2 cup
French Beans finely sliced ......1/4cup
Capsicum ... 1 thinly sliced
Garlic ginger paste .... 1 tbsp.
Pav bhaji masala .... 2 tbsps
Salt to taste
Oil ...... 2 tbsps or as needed

1. Heat oil in a wok. Saute the ginger garlic paste.
2. Tip in the shredded vegetables. 
3. Add salt and pav bhaji masala powder.
4. Stir fry for few minutes. Let the vegetables remain crunchy.. do not over cook them. 

1.Take a chapati. Apply the "Maida Paste 2" around the edges of the chapati. Now, place the filling as shown in the picture, turn the sides, then apply paste again on the turned flaps. Now, roll it into the shape of a spring roll. Make sure that the edge sticks to the roll well.
2.Make the rest of the spring rolls in the same way.
3.Heat oil and deep fry till they turn golden brown.
For the Sauce:
Kashmiri chillies ... 12 - 15
Garlic ............... 1 pod
Vinegar ............ 2 tbsps
Salt ................ to taste
Oil .... 4-5 tbsps

1. Remove the stems of the chillies and soak them in hot water for few hours.
2. Grind them along with the garlic, vinegar adding a little water if needed.
3. Heat oil and saute the paste until the oil separates. Add salt and mix well.
4. You can even freeze this sauce. 

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  1. The spring rolls look amazing. Making the pancakes with 4 chappatis is a great way of ensuring that they come out very thin.

    1. Thanks Mina.. we use this method for samosa patties too.

  2. just what I was thinking of making for Chinese new Year!

  3. Shobha, does adding cornflour to the dough make it more crispy? Love the different kind of filling.

    1. Yes Mayuri, it makes them crunchy and you don't get bubbles in the texture when you fry the rolls.


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