Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Made these no bake biscuit tarts with kesar elaichi shrikhand filling. This is a perfect dessert for parties as you can make the tarts ready on the previous day and pipe the filling just before serving them. 

For the Tarts:
Glucose biscuits ... 100 gms  (about 15 biscuits)
Desi Ghee or unsalted butter ... 2 tbsps
Honey ....... 1 tbsp

1. Crush the biscuits in a grinding jar.. 
2. Melt the ghee or unsalted butter and mix honey.
3. Add to the crushed biscuit powder and mix well.
4. Grease the tart moulds and spread a portion of this mix pressing well on sides and the base.
5. Refrigerate until you are ready to fill them.

For the Shrikhand:
Hung curd ... 1 cup
( made from 2-3 cups of yogurt depending on its consistency )
Icing sugar ....... 3-4 tbsps.
(sugar also has to be adjusted as per your preference and also how sour the yogurt is )
Elaichi powder .. 1/4 tsp
Kesar / saffron ... a generous pinch soaked in a little warm milk.
Unsalted and sliced pistachio nuts .. 2-3 for garnishing.

1. Hang the yogurt in a muslin cloth for minimum 8 hours or over night to make the hung curd.
2. Take the thick hung curd in a bowl and add the cardamom powder and saffron.
3. Whisk it and add sugar little by little while doing this.
4. Refrigerate immediately.

To assemble the tarts:
For garnishing :
Saffron strands
Powdered pistachios
Cherry or any red fruit
Edible rose petals.(fresh or dry)

1. Demould the tarts carefully.
2. Fill the shrikhand in a piping bag and place it in the freezer for 5 minutes before using.
3. Pipe out small flowers using star nozzle.
4. Garnish with powdered pistachios, saffron strands and a piece of cherry or any red coloured fruit.
5. Sprinkle some edible rose petals in the serving platter.

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  1. Nice idea of making a delicious sweet dish

  2. Shobha, a wonderful and unique way to serve shrikhand in a tart. Love this recipe and will have to give it a try. I had served shrikhand in mini chocolate cups but not ones made from biscuits.

    1. Thanks Mayuri. Everyone loved these when I made them in Brazil.

  3. lovely idea of using glucose biscuits as base for the shrikhand tart ! yummy. - Kalyani

  4. Such beautiful dainty tarts. What a beautiful way to serve traditional shrikhand. Just on time for Diwali sweet making. Great post! A must try for the festive season.

  5. Shrikand tarts looks like a perfect start to our Diwali. I have all the ingredients and friends over for a get together. So it will be perfect time to try.

    1. Wow, I am sure your friends will enjoy these tarts

  6. These no bake.tarts from biscuits are such a delightful recipe. Liked the idea of serving cold shrikand in these cute crisp tarts ... it will be like biting into a crunchy cone while having cone icecream

  7. Such a wonderful idea of using glucose biscuits to make the base. In fact I love the idea of using ghee to bind the biscuits. Love the shrikhand tarts.


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