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Broccoflower is a cross between broccoli and cauliflower.  It is low in calories and the taste is similar to broccoli. Try out this delicious and creamy soup made with this vegetable. You can also saute it and serve as a side dish with grilled meats and sea food.

Broccoflower ... 1 head (400 gms)
Onion ............. 1
Pine nuts ...... handful (lightly roasted)
Basil leaves ..... 1/2 cup
Cream .............  1/4 cup
Vegetable stock ... 3- 4 cups (optional - you can use water instead)
Olive oil ..... 1 tbsp
Freshly ground black pepper .. as needed
Salt ..... to taste

1. Cut the broccoflower into small florets and put them in boiling water for a minute. This cleans the vegetable and brings out the dirt or insects hidden inside.
2. Heat a pan and add olive oil. Do not bring it to a smoking point as it looses it's nutritious value.
3. Tip in the sliced onion and saute until translucent.
4. Now add the roasted pine nuts, basil leaves, broccoflower and vegetable stock or water.
5. Season with salt and a little pepper.
6. Bring to a boil and simmer for about 20 minutes or until the flowers are cooked. You may also pressure cook it to save time.
7. Allow it to cool and blend it using a hand blender or in a mixie.
8. Pour the soup back into the pan. Add the cream and check the salt.
9. Adjust the thickness of the soup as per your liking. You can also add a little milk if you want to make it thinner.
10. Pour into individual serving bowls and garnish with cream and freshly ground pepper.

This quantity serves 2-3 people.

The recipe is adapted from here 


  1. Delicious healthy soup need to try .

  2. healthy and yummy soup....i love that you added pinenuts

    1. Thanks Gloria.. yes, pine nuts give the richness and flavour to this soup

  3. healthy and delicious soup... bookmarked... thanks for sharing...

  4. I've seen this vegetable in the market in Montreal but didn't know what it was called. Healthy soup, adding basil must be making it taste really good.

  5. Your recipe sounds very delicious, I'm not big fun of soups but I'd like to cook this one!

  6. A comforting soup for sure especially for winter..


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