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This is a traditional Sindhi breakfast. And yes we call this moong dal preparation as Makhni dal .It is served with puris.This is my childhood favourite.
This is how we make it:

Yellow Moong dal ... 1 cup
Turmeric powder .. 1/4 tsp
Salt ................ to taste
Oil ...... 1 tbsp

For garnishing or tadka take a little of each as per your liking..
Cumin powder..
Coriander powder
Red chilli powder
Black pepper
Amchoor powder or anardana powder
Garam masala powder
Oil .... 2-3 tbsps

1. Soak moong dal for at least one hour. Wash it well.
2. In a pan heat 1 tbsp oil and add dal. Saute for half a minute and add 2 cups water.
3. When dal comes to a boil remove the froth. Add turmeric and salt. Simmer to cook on low flame.
4. Keep stirring in between and add water if needed. The consistency has to be thick.
5. When it is done mash it. It takes about 20 -25 minutes to cook.. You may cook in the pressure cooker also. ( 2-3 whistles) But the texture is perfect when cooked in a pan.
6. Just before serving sprinkle all the masalas mentioned above and pour a little hot oil over the masalas.
(for kids you can serve plain or with just cumin powder and black pepper.

This is usually served with puris. But you can relish it with rotis also.(for lunch & dinner)

Puris :
To make puris, knead the dough adding salt and a little oil. Roll out the puris and fry them.

Tip: Do not dip in the flour while rolling the puris. Instead rub a little oil to the rolling pin and roll them out. This keeps the oil from turning black and remains clean.

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  1. Who wont like to eat this yummy dal :) Thanks shobhaji for linking this for my event:)

  2. Lovely recipe with dal...

    Ongoing event Cooking with love cousin

  3. Looks so delicious and makes me hungry!.

  4. this is yummy shobha.. makhani dal looks too good would love to have that with those lovely pooris

  5. Looks so delicious! I am a huge fan of beans and peas.

  6. daal never goes out of fashin. ALways a household favourite

  7. puri looks very delicious,I am getting hungry!

  8. Delicious preparation , thanks for sending in my event!

  9. ah i see the variations u made to the dal

    we make it with dal bhaat kadhi the bhatia style

    and ofcourse with ghee on top it looks yummylicious

  10. lovely and healthy dal..thanks for linking with us.

  11. The makhni dall looks perfect with the puris.

  12. I have never tried makhani dal with puris before but it looks delicious. Sometimes we have aloo puri as a special treat for breakfast and it is definitely a good way to start the day.

    1. Do try it out.. this is a Sindhi breakfast speciality.

  13. Making tonight yummy yummy my favorite. Remembering​ amma and daddy ☺🙏


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