Friday, February 14, 2020


Try out this sweet, spicy and tangy Kiwi and Cucumber Salad garnished with tiny tomato hearts.. add it to your Valentine Day menu .

Ingredients :
Cucumber ........ 1
Kiwis ................ 2
Curled parsley .... as needed
Grape tomatoes ... 10 - 12
Lemon juice ........... 1 tbsp or as needed
Chaat masala ......... 1 tsp or more as per your taste
Olive oil ............... 1 tbsp
Honey .................... 1 tbsp
(salt will not be required as the chaat masala already has salt)

1. Peel and cut the cucumber and kiwis into pieces.
2. Put them in a large bowl.
3. Sprinkle the chaat masala powder.
4. Pour olive oil and squeeze out some lemon juice.
5. Add about 1 tbsp. of honey to balance the flavours.
6. Mix everything.
7. Wash and break the parsley into small pieces.
8. Take a serving platter and spread the parsley.
9. Sprinkle little chaat masala and squeeze out some lemon juice over it.
10. Dish out the salad on top.
11. Cut out  slanting piece from the base of a grape tomatoes.
12. Combine two pieces to make a heart shape. You can see the procedure in the video posted below.
13. Garnish the salad with these tomato hearts and little more parsley on top.
14. Valentine Day special salad is ready. Serve chilled.

Watch the salad video 

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  1. Adding chaat masala to the kiwi and cucumber salad is a good idea, glad you tried out the recipe Shobha. The tomato hearts look so cute.

    1. Thanks for the compliment .. everyone loved them... and the salad tasted too good.

  2. What a bright and colorful salad and I love the way you have shaped the grape tomatoes.

  3. This salad looks attractive and delicious. Love the cute little hearts. I have only discovered Chaat masala recently and love sprinkling it on my fruit. I will now try it on my salad.

    1. Thanks Mina.. actually I am not a great fan of chaat masala .. but sometimes use it for a variation of taste.


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