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Doon means walnuts in Kashmiri language and chetin is chutney. This easy to make chutney has a creamy texture and tastes amazing with the flavourful ingredients added to the walnuts. Traditionally a pestle and mortar is used to grind it keeping a coarse texture but these days it is done in a grinder. 
This can be served with kababs, main meal or as a dip. 

Walnuts .......... 1/2 cup
Hung curd ........ 3-4 tbsps
Onion  ...............   1 small 
Garlic ................ 2 cloves
Green chillies ..... 2
Caraway seeds / Shahi jeera ... 1/2 tsp
Dried mintleaves .................... 1/2 tsp (You may also use few fresh leaves instead)
Kashmiri chilli powder ........ 1/2 tsp
Salt .................... to taste

1. Dry roast walnuts for few minutes on meduim flame.
2. Switch off the gas and add the shahi jeera. It will get roasted in the heated pan. Let them cool.
3. Transfer the ingrdients into a grinder and blend them to a slightly coarser texture.

This chutney tastes best when it is fresh. Make and enjoy it in smaller quantity. Because of the onion and hung curd content it may change the taste if stored longer than a couple of days.

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This recipe is part of the "A-Z Recipe Challenge in a facebook group wherein we bloggers come together and choose key ingredients alphabetically to make and post a dish every month. The alphabet of the month is W and I chose to make this walnut chutney from the Kashmiri Cuisine. 

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  1. this is an interesting chutney. the addition of onions here is very interesting..

  2. The doon chetin kashmiri walnut chutney looks delicious. A perfect accompaniment for any dish. I love your presentation too especially the chutney bowl.

    1. Thanks Mina for liking the chutney and the presentation. It really tastsvery good. You must try it

  3. Doon Chetin, such a unique chutney recipe. Loaded with walnuts, it must be tasting so different. Wonder what the Kashmiri people enjoy it with.

    1. Thanks Mayuri. It really tastes so good. My hubby did his engineering from Kashmir. He loves all these dishes from there. The Kashmiris enjoy this with kababs and Khamiri roti.

  4. The Doon Chetin looks super delicious! You have made so perfectly and presented it very beautifully.

    I have had a chance to try out Doon Chetin a few years back, and love the taste and texture.

  5. Doon Chetin, name and recipe both looks so interesting and delicious. It looks super delicious loaded with goodness of walnuts, it must be so unique taste.

  6. Doon chetin , Kashmiri walnut chutney soundsso healthy and flavorful !

  7. I never knew the name for this chutney, but it certainly was one my friend taught me at our college hostel. I am so happy to see the recipe on your blog.

    1. So you have tasted this chutney already. That's nice.


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