Friday, April 8, 2011


I had made this table decoration for my friend's Baby Shower Party.
It is very simple and at the same time looks so pretty and decorative.
Here I have used blue and pink flowers because of the baby shower ...You may use any kind of vegetables like carrot, radish, cucumber or beet root strips or cherry tomatoes to be served with a dip of your choice.

Things required:
Papaya .... long .... boat shaped.
Flowers .... Pink & Blue (fresh or artificial)
Cherries ....for decoration
Bob pins .... with red colour heads
Tomato ..... carved into a basket shape (refer to the carvings section)
Tiny baby figurine.

1. Cut the 2 sides of papaya as shown in the picture and scoop out the seeds.
2. Fill them with blue and pink flowers on each side.
3. With a knife just give cross markings on the middle portion and decorate it with red coloured bob pins.
4. Secure the tomato basket on the top with the help of toothpicks and place the baby figurine in it.
5. Decorate the boat with cherries.


  1. First time here. Papaya boat looks pretty cool. You are very creative:).

  2. So very pretty a beautiful eye catching table decoration.

    Create n carve is being hosted at simply food, would love to see you send this in for the event.

    1. Thanks .. made it for a friend's baby shower.

  3. Shobha,
    Papaya boat is so beautiful! Hats off to your creativity! Thanks for sharing!

  4. wow...what a lovely decor ...seriously you r so so creative !

  5. Wow - what a lovely decoration!! You are very creative.


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