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We have a variety of modaks made during the Ganpati festival as an offering to God. Some are made with rice flour dough stuffed with coconut and jaggery mixture, or mawa and dry fruit mixture and steamed or deep fried.  We also have chocolate modaks, Boondi modaks and many more.
This is a very easy recipe of making modaks using milk powder along with powdered dry fruits and dessicated coconut. Use full cream milk powder like Nido, Nestle or Amulya. You can shape the modaks using a mould which is easily available everywhere these days. 

About Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is a 10 day long festival celebrated throughout India. It comemmorates the birth of Lord Ganesha, the famouus Hindu elephant headed God known for his ability to remove obstacles and bring good fortune. The festival is held every year in the Hindu month of Bhadra, which falls between mid-August and mid-September. Offerings from the daily prayers are distributed among friends and relatives which include sweets such as modaks  as it is believed to be a favourite of Lord Ganesh.  On the final day of the festival, Anant Chaturdasi, the Ganesha statues are paraded through the streets. During the parade, people gather to sing and dance, and the Ganesha statue is usually immersed in a body of water such as the ocean or a river.

Full cream milk powder...... 1 cup
Coarsely powdered cashew nuts ..... 1/4 cup
Coarsely powdered pistachios ......... 1/4 cup
Coarsely powdered almonds   ......... 1/4 cup 
Fine dessicated dry coconut    .......... 1/4 cup
Sugar ............................................... 3/4 cup
Cardamom powder .......................... 1/2 tsp
Saffron ........................................... 2-3 pinches
Milk ( for soaking saffron ) ............ 2 tbsps
Ghee or clarified butter ................  2 tbsps
Silver Varq for garnishing ............. optional 

1. Take a thick bottomed pan and transfer the sugar into it.
2. Add 1 and 1/4 cups of water, cover the lid and bring to a boil.
3. Add the cardamom powder followed by saffron soaked in little milk.
4. When the syrup reduces to one cup stir in the milk powder.
5. Start mixing immediately with a spatula or a baloon whisk to break the lumps.
6. Continue to stir it adding the ghee little by little in between. You will see that the mixture is getting thicker.
7. Tip in the powdered dry fruits and the dessicated coconut. 
8. Continue to stir until the mixture starts leaving the sides and has thickened like a dough.
9. Remove it into a larger bowl for cooling.
10. Grease the modak moulds and put some mixture into them. Close it and remove the excess from the sides. This way make all the modaks.
11. When they are ready you can garnish them with silver varq if you wish. 


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  1. I am loving this post- step by step explanation. The modaks look so divine. Very well made! I am thinking of trying them out. There are so many variations in modak. This is indeed one of the core recipes. I am thinking of stuffing the modak.

    1. Thank you so much for liking and appreciating.Your comments always are so encouraging.

  2. Wow these mawa and dry fruit modaks are awesome. I love teh way you made the modak with milk powder. I need not wait for mawa to be available from now on. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Archana. I learnt making all the sweets from milk powder when I was living in Nigeria and the habit still continues.

  3. Easy to make and so delicious. These mawa and dry fruit modaks are perfect and healthy for celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi. One can easily give it the modak shape or roll them into balls.

    1. Thanks Mayuri. Yes as you rightly said we need not use the mould and can simple shape them up with our hands like our mothers used to do.

  4. Gannu baba's favorite modaks. Rich and super delicious. Loved this easy recipe with all available ingredients at home.


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