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Khichdi is one of the healthiest one pot meal as it has all the healthy ingredients.This version is even more healthier as I have used oats instead of rice. It tasted as good as the khichdi made with rice. It is an easy meal option made with any vegetables you have at home. It can just be relished with some curd, pickle and papad.

Oats .............. 1 & 1/2 cups
Moong dal .... 3/4 cup
Carrot ............ 1/4 cup (diced)
Green peas ..... 1/4 cup
Red, yellow and green bell peppers .. 1/4 cup (mixed)
Tomato .............. 1
Green chiilies ... 1 or 2
Coriander leaves ... handful
Turmeric powder .... 1/4 tsp
Cumin powder ....... 1/2 tp
Red chilli powder ... 1/4 tsp (optional)
Asafoetida ............. 1/8 tsp (add as per your liking)
Cumin seeds .......... 1/2 tsp
Oil ........................ 3 tbsps
Ghee ................... 1 tbsp

1. Soak the moong dal.
2. Cut all the vegetables and set aside.
3. In a pan heat half of the oil and roast the oats for a minute stirring continuously. Remove them in a bowl.
4. Heat the remaining oil and add the cumin seeds and asafoetida.
5. When they crackle, tip in the tomato and the diced vegetables.
6. Add salt, turmeric, cumin powder, green chillies and stir fry a little.
7. Now add 4 cups of water and bring to a boil. If you like a softer consistency add half cup more.
8. Stir in the roasted oats and moong dal.
9. Let it cook on medium flame until it is is done.
10. Finally add the coriander leaves and a tbsp of ghee and stir.
11. Serve hot.

Note: you can also use a pressure cooker for this. In that case reduce the quantity of water . 3 and 1/2 cups should do.

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This recipe is part of the A-Z Recipe Challenge in a facebook group wherein we bloggers come together and choose  key ingredients alphabetically to make and post a dish every month. Alphabet of this month is- "O"  and I chose oats and made this dish

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  1. Khichdi is a delicious, wholesome, hearty comfort food. With the mixed vegetables and oats, it is definitely a filling and healthy meal.

  2. Healthy choice of food with oats and lot of veggies.

  3. A healthy khichdi full of veggies. I've not tried khichdi with oats but sure would love to try out the recipe. When you add the oats with moong dal don't the oats get overcooked?

    1. No dear . we don't over cook it. But if you want grainy texture use steel cutoats.

  4. A lovely, healthy Khichdi filled with veggies. I would love to try this out, maybe in a pressure cooker. Beautifully presented recipe. :)

  5. Oats khichdi looks super healthy and absolutely delicious. I usually make oats khichdi with roasted moong dal and never used vegetables except tomato. Now I will try your version.

    1. Try adding them. Makes a more healthy version and adds taste as well.

  6. its a winner all the way, Shobha! with pickle and papad, such a lovely spread..

  7. That is such an amazing idea of replacing rice with oats and making khichdi. I am in love with it... Looks so delicious...

  8. I make a similar khichdi often for lunch. I find it very filling and nutritious as well. Of course, I don't pair it with papad so often but your pic reminds me to. Lovely share for the theme.

  9. Such a healthy and nutritious recipe. Will definitely give it a try. It will be a wholesome meal for my 1 year old. Can we use any type of oats in this

    1. Yes Anshu you can. Only if you are using steel cut oatsit takes longer time to cook as they are grainy.

  10. This is such a comforting meal, with adding of oats and veggies its healthy too. Pappad and pickle on the side will be great with this.

  11. That is such an healthy and nutritious idea of making khichdi with oats. I usually cook oats masala khichdi for my toddler but without moong dal. I love to relish with cues and pickle on side.

  12. Oats khichdi looks so healthy and nutritious with lot of veggies. very filling and comfort meal

  13. Oats khichdi with moong dal and lots of vegetables is such a healthy wholesome food ! Can have it any day.

    1. Thanks Poonam. Yes a healthy meal is always preferred

  14. oats kichadi is by far the quickest and healthy comfort food. I love cooking with oats so I am sure to try your recipe soon.

    1. Yes , oats are very healthy . I also like to use them a lot


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