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Fast food like burgers and subway sandwiches have become very popular these days. Making your own subway sandwich is not a difficult task. Just get all the ingredients of your choice and assemble it just the way you like it. It has a lot of stuffings and is really very filling. It is also a perfect lunch box meal.
 I have used sauteed chicken with bell pepper. You can even use ham slices or shredded meats.. choice is yours. Additional garnishings like olives, pickled jalapenos taste good too.

Bread rolls ... as needed
Chicken ..... 100 gms
Bell peppers ... few strips of different colours.
Pizza seasoning ... 1 tsp
Salt ................. to taste
Oil ................... 2 tbsps
Lettuce leaves .. as needed
Cucumber slices ... few
Tomato slices ...... few
Garlic mayonnaise .. for spreading
Mustard sauce..... as needed
Tomato ketchup ... as needed
Cheese slices or grated cheese .. as needed

1. Heat oil in a pan and saute the chicken strips with garlic and salt.
2. It will just take a couple of minutes to cook and now you tip in the bell pepper strips. Season with pizza spice mix.
3. Now to assemble the sandwich slit the bread roll.
4. Spread a little garlic mayonnaise, place the lettuce leaves and sprinkle some cheese if needed.
5. Spoon the prepared chicken strips. Top it up with the cucumber and tomato slices. Squeeze some mustard sauce and tomato sauce as per your liking.
6. Carefully push all the stuffing into the slit bun.
7. Serve immediately.

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  1. I like making fast food foods at home as that way we can control the type of fat or oil we use, make home made sauces and grill or steam the main ingredient as opposed to frying them. Your sub way is definitely a tummy filler.

    1. Yes you are absolutely right Mayuri.. home made is best anyday

  2. OMG- that looks delicious! I could do with one right now! A much healthier alternative to fast food:)

    1. Yes dear .. this makes a healthy and filling meal

  3. I bet this tasted 100 times better than the one bought in subway, and you know that you can make it yo your taste too.

    1. very true Nayna.. we can make it according to our choice of stuffings in a healthy way.


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