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Lachcha paratha is a crispy, layered Indian flat bread made with wheat flour and ghee. This is popular in North India. In winters you can also add a little ajwain. Down South it is made with maida and is known as barotta or parotta.
There are many ways of rolling out these parathas. Just make sure you roll out very lightly the second time so that the layers remain intact and do not use flour for rolling.

The first method is - cut out strips, brush with ghee, sprinkle some flour and make a roll joining each strip and roll out carefully.

The second method is roll out a paratha, brush ghee and sprinkle some flour and then start folding it like a fan. Then you carefully fold it into a round shape and roll out again with light hands.

 The third method is roll out a paratha, brush the ghee and sprinkle the flour. Give a cut half way through and roll it like a cone. Flatten it lightly placing the tip at the bottom and roll again carefully.

Wheat flour ... 2 cups or as needed
Ajwain ........ 1/2 tsp (optional)
Salt ........... to taste
Ghee ........ 2 tsps for the dough
Ghee ....... as needed for brushing and roasting.


1. Knead the flour adding salt, ghee and ajwain (if you like it) using sufficient water. Rest the dough for 10 minutes.

2. Roll out a roti. Brush a little ghee and sprinkle some flour over it. Cut it into strips.

 3.Start rolling the strips joining each strip. Make like a Swiss Roll.

4. Roll it out carefully with light hands. Do not use flour to roll the second time.

5. Roast it flipping the sides brushing a little ghee to make it crisp.

Note: This paratha is perfect for parties. You can make them half done and store them ahead. You can freeze them as well.


  1. Thanks for sharing this step by step method...looks perfect

  2. These look so lovely and delicious we love them with pickle and potato curry. I particularly like your step by step tutorial.

  3. For hubby dear its anytime is lachcha paratha time! I make it only once in 2 weeks for him as he loves them with ghee! I prefer using the strip method, though it takes longer.

  4. I like how easy you make it look easy to make and tasteful


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